Brookfield Homes

The Brief

Brookfield Residential originally approached Kick Point because they were disappointed with the results they were getting from their current digital marketing agency. Once we started digging into the project, we realized that their issue was more than an un-optimized AdWords campaign.

Brookfield Residential is a land developer and homebuilder in North America, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Since 1972, they have developed over 80 master planned communities in the Alberta market. They are recognized as a homebuilder of choice and have won numerous industry awards for outstanding homes, landscaping, amenities, and subdivision developments.

The community section of their website was built almost entirely with JavaScript, which meant that none of those pages on the site existed as far as a search engine was concerned. Their major online success metric – requests to view a show home – was hidden at the very bottom of the page and behind a gray button that blended into the background. Compounding these issues, their AdWords campaign budget was being eaten up by a few very expensive phrases in a very competitive market, leaving a miniscule budget for anything that wasn’t “new homes.”

Our Approach

While we were waiting for the new website to be built, we completely redid their AdWords campaign and did as much SEO as the current website would allow. This involved optimizing both title tags and meta descriptions for focus communities. We conducted user testing on the new site to ensure potential homebuyers could indeed find the information they were looking for, and recommended changes based on the roadblocks encountered by the testers.

At this point, Brookfield Residential decided to go with a single agency of record for all their advertising, including offline and we declined to bid on this contract. After the new agency was selected, we were kept on to provide monthly reporting and assist with any SEO issues that may arise on the new website.

The Impact

Their new Google AdWords campaign delivered three times as many interested buyers to their sales team, without increasing the budget. We focused on less expensive and very targeted keywords (for example, “new homes in south Edmonton” instead of “new homes Edmonton”.

Adding to that success, their new website was launched in January 2014, and within a month they had recovered all their previous traffic losses from the previous website. By the end of 2014, they had a 170% increase in organic traffic year-over-year.

The biggest impact for Brookfield Homes was a deeper understanding of how to manage their digital properties in a way that delivered results, and what metrics to focus on when making marketing decisions. As a result, their team has taken much of the day-to-day digital implementation work in-house.