Call to Action Conference (CTAConf)

CTAConf started with a bang in 2014 and boasts an entertaining keynote and speaker lineup for 2015 as well. This is the conference to go to if you like growing your business and your clients' businesses. And who doesn't? The focus is on all things actionable — real ideas for conversion rate optimization and landing page design, whole sessions dedicated to A/B testing, and vibrant Q+As where moderators let everyone's passion for optimization shine through.


Every five minutes there is a real tactic that you can take back to work and put into practice for one client or another right away. Each session has a decent amount of time set aside for audience questions, and there’s something comforting about hearing a handful of other people expressing the same concerns about A/B testing that you have. The auditorium seating seemed to put the speakers on a pedestal, even though you look down on them — they really went out of their way to put on an amazing show.


There was a bit of condescension from one speaker towards a couple of very legitimate audience questions. That’s frustrating to be around because it likely prevents other people from speaking up if they are concerned they will likewise be mocked. It was a rare case though, a small blip on the radar of a meticulously organized conference.