iMEDIA believes in both the practical and tactical sides of digital media, and their three track options reflect that. The goal of the conference is to have attendees walk away knowing how to leverage digital media to grow their businesses, or at least know what questions to ask an agency partner.


iMEDIA is a great way to dip your toes into the local digital marketing scene in Edmonton. From website basics to podcasts and so much in between, there’s something for everyone at iMedia. 2015’s event’s breakout sessions were held in classrooms which allowed for lots of great interaction between speakers and attendees.


There’s a lot packed in to one day, so you need to choose your breakout sessions carefully to maximize your day — it was unfortunate that there were so many must-see sessions scheduled at the same time. Edmonton can have a real small-town feel sometimes, so group-think happens in some sessions where questionable points are supported just because everyone is friends.