Local University

Local U is a great opportunity for small business owners to learn to improve their online presence and to network with industry professionals. The day focuses on everything from website optimization to social media and email marketing. Anyone who is fairly new to the industry would benefit from attending because it provides real-life examples of issues that clients face.


The speakers are engaging and funny, which is important because without personality it is hard to take in the information. The Q&As allow people to ask questions specific to their businesses and current issues and are answered by top industry professionals. The Live Site Clinic at the end, where the presenters go through site audits for the businesses of different attendees, is a highlight.


Events that feature speakers from the mothership (aka Google) can bring out a few marketing “professionals” — the kind of people who think they know way more than everyone else and are rude when others are speaking. Also, unlimited free coffee, while appreciated, leads to many breaks…