This is kind of THE conference to go to, and it’s so big that it can feel a tad overwhelming. Especially on the first day. If you go alone, trust that you can sit down anywhere and learn (and laugh) a lot. If you get the chance, go! There’s a lot to learn in Seattle in July, and you know you want some of that Roger swag...

dana_ditomaso_mozcon Photo by: Dana on stage at Mozcon


MozCon boasts a very well arranged conference room with great sound and well curated break time music. They put together a consistently solid speaker lineup with a nice variety of data-rich presentations and “feelings” talks (and lots of everything in between).


Three full days in a row is a lot. Sometimes you want to stay out late and talk with people in your industry, but those nights get long, and the next thing you know, it’s time for the first speaker on Day Three and you haven’t even blow dried your hair yet.