SearchFest has multiple tracks, workshops, and panel sessions that are focused on the most up-to-date strategies and industry changes. For a fraction of the cost of many other conferences, you get to see impressive speaker lineups, network to your heart's content, and participate in lengthy Q+A sessions. Plus... you get to go to Portland.


A lot of conferences say: “there’s something for everyone!” But at SearchFest it’s actually true. You’ll see some speakers who you nod along with because you’re already on point, and there are some where you’ll be blown away by a new piece of technology that you can take back to your company. Please note: be wary of the pull of the Portland food/drink scene — you don’t want to miss a single session so book an extra day or two on either end of the conference.


We saw a session where a speaker subbed “talking about cool stuff her agency did” for “giving the audience valuable and actionable information.” No hard feelings towards the conference though, there’s often a mouldy grape in every bag. The round tables are tricky for the the bigger sessions, especially if you are one of the poor saps who can’t arrive super early.