We’re Hiring
We aren't 100% sure what we need. Maybe, it is you.

Seems weird to admit that, right? Well. We’re kind of weird and we’re pretty quick to admit the things we don’t know (if you aren't like that, stop reading now — please and thanks).

We have a basic idea of who we’re looking for, but we also know that the best candidates always go way beyond their job description and make you think, “HOLY CRAP! A PERSON LIKE THIS EXISTS?”

That’s who we’re looking for.

That said, there are some key points about you that are important to us. They are as follows:

Driven – You’re ready to learn and you’re going to take full advantage of the opportunity to grow in this industry and carve a role for yourself at Kick Point.

Detail-oriented – The big things can’t happen without all the small things being stacked up in perfect little towers together. The small things should always be on your mind, because we want to be able to trust you to help us build big things.

Hard Working – You are ready to work hard so you have rad things to write about in your autobiography. Hard work makes sense to you because you thrive on results and already have a carpal tunnel brace.

Excellent Writer – You don’t have to be shortlisted for the Giller Prize, but you should probably have strong opinions and be able to articulate them in a semi-intelligent manner.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, copywriter, welder, receptionist, pirate, sales manager, teacher, artist, dancer, front-ender, back-ender, side-ender, or whatever – it doesn’t matter, this might be the perfect job for you. We’re looking for someone to assist us with client work, office things, and drinking scotch. Sound good? Great.

If this ambiguity excites you, then please send us your resume in PDF format to [email protected]. In the body of your email please tell us a story about a late night, a long walk, or a lost year. Additionally, we’d love it if you could direct us to the piece of writing you are most proud of.

Successful applicants will be contacted the week of January 13, 2014.

  • Doug

    Apart from being a guy with a baker’s dozen of scotches on hand, this is tempting on many more-productive levels. Kick Point team, you rule!

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