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Mobile Marketing – Resources to Get Started

Dana DiTomaso
SEO, Social Media Marketing, The Industry

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Edmonton WXN event this morning. Thank you to everyone who attended – I hope that you found it informative!

As promised, here’s a list of the websites and resources that I mentioned during my talk. If you have further questions, please get in touch.

Interesting Stats:

  • By 2015, more people will access the internet through a mobile device than through a computer.
  • One out of every five searches has a local intent – good restaurants in Edmonton. On mobile, it’s even better – one in three searches.
  • 40% of consumers look up more information on their mobile devices after seeing it advertised in outdoor, newspaper, radio or TV.

Resources, Websites, Things I Mentioned:

Here’s some information about responsive web design.

Google’s free mobile landing page builder.

Foursquare (and Diamond Gentlemen’s Club on Foursquare)

Yelp Edmonton

For tracking social mentions – Google Alerts and Trackur (also: Tracking Your Online Mentions)

Creative QR code examples

What does your website look like on a smartphone?

Google Places and Building Your Local Search Foundation with Citations

The #yegfood hashtag on Twitter – Edmontonians talking about food.

And Finally, Your To Do List:

  • See what your website looks like on the major mobile platforms. Is it awful? Fix it.
  • Search for what you do in Edmonton – does your business come up? No? Fix it.
  • Search for your business on the social and check in services that I mentioned – did you know you were listed there? Start paying attention and start responding.

Want to share this with others? The short link is:

Want social media training? I’m running a training session on October 26th, here’s the link to register.

Thank you!

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