There’s more to Analytics than wavy blue and orange lines. There’s more than bounce rate and “not provided.” There's more than ranking and red and green arrows. Heck, there’s more to analytics than just Google Analytics.

Analytics is the difference between collecting data and actually understanding that data. Most analytics programs, like Google Analytics, offer basic reports (number of visitors and where they came from), but that information isn’t enough to make educated decisions on where to spend your marketing budget to grow your business.

We start analytics projects by unpacking your business goals in order to understand which metrics will need to be recorded and studied. Then we make sure that you have the right software setup to track the things you need to track. Are you recording purchases? Newsletter signups? Number of new social fans? Next, we determine how to turn the mountain of data that is available into understandable pieces using custom reports and dashboards. This process provides you with the information you need to forecast, plan, and grow.

Analytics can also help you track the impact of your offline marketing, such as print, radio, and TV, but there are important steps you need to take to do this, and analytics programs are not inherently smart.  They assume that someone only visits your website once before they “convert” — make a purchase, fill out a form, join your newsletter. But we all know that a person might visit a website, and interact with other advertising pieces dozens of times before he or she makes any decisions.

Imagine buying a football team and only paying the players that score.

Give credit where credit is due — set up multi attribution funnels.

Properly set up analytics make it easy for you to use multi attribution funnels. These funnels give credit where credit is due. Your AdWords account might provide that first introduction, but rarely closes a sale, or maybe your social account gets all of the kudos, when really it was organic search that brought the visitor to you in the first place.

With multi attribution funnels, you’re able to understand how your marketing channels work together. The insights you gain from learning how visitors are engaging with your site are valuable when it comes time to distribute your marketing budget.

In order to know what type of analytics management is right for you, you need to know what your goals are and which metrics make sense for evaluating your progress. We can help you make those decisions and setup the tracking and dashboards that will work for your business. When you remove the guesswork from data interpretation you will make superior business decisions. Additionally, we also offer training to prepare you and your team to manage your Google Analytics going forward.