Do you ever sit at your computer and look at your website and think, “This could be better. I know this could be better. But what the heck is keeping it from BEING better?” Well, that’s a great place for us to come in and audit your website and/or marketing presence. A unique perspective, a few additional sets of eyes, and a powerful suite of audit tools lead to actionable recommendations for your business.

You and your business are unique, as are the types of audits we provide. We don’t have set packages or a standing 200-item checklist for any type of audit because sites’ sizes and situations vary so wildly. First, we want to know your business goals —  these key pieces helps us determine where (and in which order) to focus our collective efforts on fixing the issues we uncover.

Sometimes we need to dig deep into the technical backend of your site to audit markup and site speed, for example. Sometimes we are looking at the pieces that are making your organic search work (or not), such as links leading to your site, title tags, and other ranking factors. It’s also imperative to remember that your site is being read by both search engine spiders and real human beings as well.

A dedicated content audit assesses which pieces of your content are strong, which need improvement, and which should burn in a fire. This type of audit also uncovers the pieces that still need to be written.

Social media audits provide a detailed look into how you’re engaged (or not) online, how your competitors are performing on social, and what additional opportunities exist in the social space. A social audit then directs where you should focus your time and budget to be most effective.

When you contact us about an audit for your website, we get an overview of your situation and your business goals by asking a series of questions and spending some time on your site to determine which type of audit(s) you need. Not every site will need a full-on, in-depth site audit — but even a quick audit can uncover silent site killers.