Social Media Strategy

When done well, social media is a powerful extension of your overall marketing strategy. When done poorly or ignored, social media is a hazard that can damage your organization permanently. There’s often the perception that engagement on social media happens easily (and cheaply!) for businesses because we all know what social networks are.

We use social media in our personal lives, so there’s an assumption that posting family photos and updating our statuses on Facebook easily translates to being social media experts for our businesses. This is a common misconception!

Social media also seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to marketing budgets, because writing in 140-character spurts and sharing information on Facebook seems simple. But it’s not. The quality difference between hiring your golf buddy’s kid for $50/week to post for your business and hiring an actual agency or in-house social person is significant — and it’s very obvious to your potential customers when you cheap out on social.

Well managed social media accounts will flourish when they get the right amount of TLC — you’ve got to water, weed, and provide enough light to make them grow. If you ignore them, they will whither and die, and so will the business goals you hoped social would help you solve.

Take social media seriously. Factor it into your budget, consider its place in each of your campaigns, take time to hire and train the people who will be on your social media front line, and know which business goal you want social media to help solve and develop a strategy to make that happen.

Treat your current and potential customers or clients with respect. Provide a positive Social Media User Experience (SMUX) — or you will alienate your market and fall behind. SMUX is a concept we developed to help our clients ensure that social media is an effective tool instead of a business liability.

Read more about SMUX here and get immersed in SMUX with Kick Point President, Dana DiTomaso’s 2016 MozCon presentation!

We can help you:

  • determine which goals you can meet with the help of social media
  • audit your current efforts
  • figure out which channels you should be on
  • develop a strategy to build and manage your community
  • create a plan to measure metrics and report on the impact social media is having
  • train your current social media person or team
  • help you hire someone for social media

We also provide training workshops and coaching services to help you and your team implement your social media strategy in your brand voice.

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