Web Design and Development

Your website should represent your brand and the experience your customers can expect to have with you. First impressions matter — it's not just making words and pictures work together with award-winning style; it's also about a tight backend with seamless code and strong SEO.

The websites we build look great. Why build something unattractive to represent your brand, right? But looking great is only part of the equation, because your website can look great and win design awards, but if it doesn’t actually do what you need it to do… well then, what the heck is the point?

Your website needs to solve a problem; it needs to help you meet a business goal; it needs to do whatever your end-user needs it do (and it needs to do it quickly).

"There's nothing more frustrating than trying to use a site that feels like it is actively trying to work against you." — Every Human Ever

You know what it’s like to get to a website and not find what you were looking for. You know what it’s like to be asked to fill out a form with nine fields and seven drop-down options. You’ve tried to navigate a mobile site, but mysteriously haven’t been able to actually access the drop down menu. You’ve been taunted by broken images and broken links.

Please don’t do that to the people you want to be your clients and customers.

When you choose Kick Point for your new website you’re choosing a partner who will put your potential clients and customers first, and work tirelessly to build something that will solve your business goals.

What do you want your website to do for you?