Jen Salamandick

Strategy Director & Partner

Jen doesn’t believe in spending money on advertising campaigns (no matter how many awards they win) if they don’t improve your bottom line. That’s why she focuses on paid digital advertising — nearly everything online is trackable. So if you’re wasting money on marketing that can’t be attached to conversions, or if you have a marketing department that is a load of dead weight, you can trust that Jen will tell you. She won’t sugarcoat things, and while you may not like everything that she tells you, your profit margin sure as hell will.

If you’re new to the city, please know that Jen gives a fascinating tour of Edmonton’s “East Side,” with exciting stops at both a water treatment facility and a miniature Tim Hortons.

“ Social media is often put in the creative corner of the room, but if we ignore the science, we squander the potential.” — Jen