Meagan Smith

Digital Strategist

Note: Meagan finished at Kick Point in May of 2017 and no one has made a pun since! ?

Fueled by more coffee than one person should ever consume, Meagan has an unmatched enthusiasm for making things better. Whether you’re looking to engage potential clients or just looking for a good wine recommendation, Meagan is your go-to.

Having grown up in a small town with a big egg, Meagan developed an affinity for all foods Ukrainian and an insatiable need for new experiences. When she’s not busy kicking butt at karate or having hers handed to her at jiu-jitsu, you can find her roaming the river valley, quietly correcting the grammar of anyone who crosses her path. She also makes a pretty mean chocolate chip cookie, if you’re into that sort of thing—and let’s be honest, who isn’t?

“There's nothing worse than content for content's sake.” — Meagan