We’re Hiring an Account Coordinator!
Are you the perfect fit?

If you are new in your career and looking to get your foot in the door at a digital marketing agency, then welcome to the best job opportunity of your life.

It’d be great if you’ve completed some sort of post-secondary education, but honestly we don’t care whether you studied business, anthropology, or knife-throwing. We are currently one geography major, two english majors, and one business major, so it doesn’t matter to us what books you read, it just matters that you spent a few years reading them.

We need someone who is compulsively organized and a dedicated list maker, but also has the patience to work with a group of people who are neither of those things. You’ll be working most directly with Dana, but our office space is “cozy”, so you will have the opportunity to work with all of us.

Your job will involve account coordinator things, which we’ve been told means making sure that the clients are happy, and that we’re on track with what we need to get done to ensure client success. In case you hadn’t guessed, we haven’t had an account coordinator before, so you have some freedom to make the job your own. We do have big plans for you, though — one day, we’d like you to become an account manager and take over even more of the client-happy-making process.

We do have big plans for you, though — one day, we’d like you to become an account manager and take over even more of the client-happy-making process.

These are some other key points about you that are important to us:

Flexible — We are anti-presenteeism and pro-self-preservation. Morning person? Night person? We’re all unique little pine cones, so we hope you’ll be comfortable with embracing the autonomy to set your own schedule.

Detail-oriented — A lot of our projects involve working out finicky details and remembering the small (and epically important) pieces of all our client’s needs, so we need you to be an elephant, in the way that elephants never forget.

Hard working — We don’t expect you to give up sleeping or forget what your friends/family/hamster look like, but when you are working hard, we’ll know. Just like we’ll know if you’re not working hard.

Eager to learn — Guess what!? You don’t need to have any agency experience. You should have a basic understanding of how digital marketing works, but a willingness to learn, explore, and not be afraid to ask questions is infinitely more important to us than any number of years worth of experience in a similar role.

Good writer — We want you for your sentence structure, your spelling bee wins, and your impeccable grammar, but hey – we all make mistakes here and there! Sidenote: Dana hates ellipses. You’ve been warned…

Enjoys data — Part of this role involves reporting to clients on how we’re doing. You should be comfortable with numbers and strive for the satisfaction that comes from a particularly well-communicated chart. If you’ve read anything by Edward Tufte, even better.

Fun — If you’re looking for a super structured 9 to 5 job, than we just might not be compatible. We like to celebrate our wins, big and small. We embrace our nerdy sides and depending on which of us you talk to you, you could walk away with a story about rocks, a piece of fashion advice, a scotch recommendation, or a new appreciation for the Seattle Seahawks. We want to know about what you think is fun, and encourage you to bring that fun-ness to Kick Point.

If these things made your heart rate increase, we’d like to hear from you.

Send us an email ([email protected]) telling us 1) what makes you perfect for this role, and 2) why you want to work with us. Attach your resume in PDF format, not as a Word document. Please make sure to include your name in your resume’s filename, not Resume82.pdf or something.

We are accepting applications until July 19th, and have plans to begin interviews in late July/early August.

We don’t have a set start date yet, because it will depend on when the right person for the job is available. Salary will depend on your experience and what you can bring to to the team. This is intended to be an entry-level role, but if you’re a senior accounts person who will walk on fire to work at Kick Point, let’s have a conversation.

If you don’t know us already, we’d like you to know that we are equal opportunity employers. However, we have a strong preference against hiring anyone named Dana, Sarah, or Jen. So, if you already have one of those strikes against you, you can go ahead and get your legal name change started.

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