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400 Links to Celebrate our 400th Newsletter

The number 400 with fireworks exploding in the background

We sent our first newsletter on May 10th, 2013. It had four links, one blurry picture, and an extra space between the first word (Hello) and the second word (and). We could really only go up from there! And here we are now, all the way up to newsletter number 400. What better way to celebrate than by gathering 400 links for you all to enjoy — that sounds like a super easy task, right? Please enjoy 400 of the finest links we could find, all delivered under various (and wildly different!) themes of our individual choosing.

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37 Cute But Pretty Much Useless Things I Want to Buy (Laura)

  1. A white sweater declaring my love for pizza that I would almost certainly stain with pizza sauce immediately.
  2. I’m leaning into my homebody side out of necessity.
  3. A minifig inspired by RDR2’s Arthur Morgan as a reminder of the game that got me through the first lockdown.
  4. A ginormous whale stuffed animal. Need I say more?
  5. A hilarious card that would be too mean to mail to anyone.
  6. I never know what to do with stickers, but I still really want this Office inspired set.
  7. My ears aren’t pierced so why is my brain demanding that I buy these earrings from Shop Chop?
  8. Just look at this little cloud guy!
  9. And these smoochin’ beavers!!!
  10. …and this PLATYPUS!!!!!!
  11. How many pins are too many? I’m not sure how to say no to this cowboy cat.
  12. Yeah, I don’t own a cat or dog (YET)… but this bandana is speaking to me.
  13. Wait, you don’t have a galaxy crystal ball light?
  14. Does anyone need a teapot shaped like a bear?
  15. You know what? My feet do deserve to be this warm and cozy.
  16. $42 for popcorn toppings? Yeah okay.
  17. Kinda looks like an abacus and I hate math, but I think I want this wall hanging anyways?
  18. Remember when I said I don’t have a pet? So who is supposed to use these bowls?
  19. JKR sucks so only HP fan art for me. The shipping for this Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes sweatshirt is SIXTY DOLLARS to Canada and yet it’s still in my cart.
  20. TREVOR!
  21. I’m too old to know what “cottagecore” is, yet here we are.
  22. Yep, still don’t own a dog. Is it weird to hang a portrait of a friend’s dog on your wall?
  23. Zero need for this chonky dinosaur stuffed animal. BUT IT’S SO SQUISHY.
  24. These block people are just really neat. Can someone spot me $200? It’s important.
  25. Think this pizza oven is balcony-safe?
  26. What about this inflatable hot tub?
  28. $26 CAD for hazelnut butter. I know, I know… but look at that branding!
  29. I don’t have a herb garden but just imagine how cute these markers would be if I did!
  30. Where could I possibly wear these ridiculous Peanuts shoes? Don’t know, don’t care.
  31. I’m obviously not traveling anywhere anytime soon, but one day this travel adapter might come in handy. Better get it now.
  32. I can’t stop thinking about this totally frivolous but adorable af typewriter inspired keyboard.
  33. Think an adult person could fit in this baby pool? Asking for a friend.
  34. If my niece doesn’t like this toy phone can I just keep it?
  35. This might be the closest to Totoro I’ll ever get. I’ll take it.
  36. This pin screams, “Don’t mess with me.”
  37. K but seriously, why do I like this?

Oscars, Schmoscars (Sarah)

  1. The Oscars are this weekend…
  2. And they’ll be held at a train station. No, seriously.
  3. Want to win your Oscar office pool?
  4. Print off your own ballot and follow along.
  5. Why don’t we care about awards shows this year?
  6. If you are tuning in, here’s how to watch this year’s ceremony.
  7. Still need to watch some of the nominated movies? Here’s where you can find them.
  8. How this year’s nominees are making history.
  9. Could people of colour win all acting awards this year?
  10. Oscars-themed dishes – what to eat while you’re watching.
  11. This year’s Oscars by the numbers.
  12. Oh cool, award show nominees are now considered essential workers.
  13. The controversy around Nomadland explained.
  14. Controversy notwithstanding, can anyone beat Chloé Zhao?
  15. A gift bag valued at $294,536? Would show up for this.
  16. All 93 Best Picture winners, ranked.
  17. Test your Oscar knowledge.
  18. Cringe alert! The most awkward Oscar moments.
  19. There’s been a lot of bad acceptance speeches, but these ones are the worst.
  20. Justice for Palm Springs!
  21. Is this the most iconic Oscar dress ever?
  22. Happy 20th birthday to Julia Roberts’ Oscar.
  23. You don’t have to give Pixar the Oscar every year.
  24. Here’s what it looks like when you lose an Oscar.
  25. Say goodbye to the Oscar host.
  26. Why are the Oscars called the Oscars?
  27. Twelfth times the charm! Could this be the year Diane Warren wins an Oscar?
  28. For less than $20 you (and 400,000 other people) could buy a ticket to Elton John’s annual viewing party.
  29. What I wouldn’t give for a 15 minute Oscar ceremony.
  30. How was an “improv” movie nominated for its writing?
  31. Please bring back the mini-Oscar.
  32. Still waiting for Dana to make me a Lego Oscar.
  33. Is this the year Netflix makes Oscar history?
  34. Dear Oscars, it’s time to take comedy seriously.
  35. “I’d like to thank the Academy”… who is that and how do I become a member?
  36. Who is the most thanked person at the Oscars? Believe it or not, it’s not God.

My 35 Hobbies (Dana)

  1. One day I’ll actually take this course that I have purchased.
  2. Why do normal, boring wood joints when you can use intricate difficult Japanese wood joints instead?
  3. I’m currently on a 173 day streak learning French in Duolingo!
  4. On my “long weekend” list: building a green roof on our woodshed.
  5. Make your own succulent and cactus soil mix.
  6. I keep thinking about buying a 3D printer, and then I think about all the other hobbies I haven’t spent enough time on.
  7. Some of the most complex origami out there.
  8. Tiny papercraft models!
  9. Spend your summer trying different types of gin in your cocktails. (My favourite is The Bee’s Knees!)
  10. Myto stitchlist on Etsy is getting a bit long. I’m currently working on this one.
  11. Drag queen and DJ Vivacious does livestreamed house music sets on Twitch.
  12. My eventual Zoom background.
  13. If you have any extra Pearsall lamps hanging around, I can take them off your hands.
  14. My favourite podcast.
  15. My second favourite podcast.
  16. The most fun, relaxing, and cheerful game I’ve ever played.
  17. A minor hobby is spotting incorrectly placed Vancouver Island stickers.
  18. Looking for a new board game? My current favourites are The Quacks of Quedlinburg and Wingspan.
  19. You can also play board games remotely with friends using Tabletop Simulator.
  20. A fairly accurate rendering of my relationship with houseplants.
  21. Where is that plane going?” I ask myself about 10 times a day.
  22. I also ask myself “What boat is that?”
  23. Why buy a clock when you can build one?
  24. Tired: building official LEGO sets. Wired: Building fan-made LEGO sets!
  25. Perhaps LEGO sets are too large for your space? Try this.
  26. Also in my “to build” pile.
  27. Seriously, my “to build” pile is pretty big.
  28. I didn’t really get investing and then I found the Canadian Couch Potato.
  29. I’m really enjoying this vintage puzzle series.
  30. This app will help you if you’re bad at identifying birds, like me!
  31. I probably don’t need a fish to take care of too, right?
  32. I can’t cook. But I can bake this bread semi-regularly!
  33. I might have talked my wife into getting a pool table in our basement. This one seems very affordable.
  34. Another long weekend job: building a little library.
  35. I haven’t brewed my own yet, but I am on a quest for the best root beer.

37 Reasons Liz Is The Way She Is (Elizabeth)

  1. Taylor Swift loves cats — Liz loves cats.
  2. Taylor Swift is blonde — Liz is blonde.
  3. Taylor Swift was born in December — Liz was born in December.
  4. Taylor Swift’s middle name is Alison — Liz’s Mom’s name is Alison.
  5. Taylor Swift plays the piano — Liz knows how to play the piano.
  6. Taylor Swift’s favourite number is 13 — Liz’s favourite number is 16… only three away.
  7. Taylor Swift has dated Harry Styles — 12/10, Liz would also date Harry Styles.
  8. Taylor Swift is tall — Liz is tall, taller than Emma.
  9. Taylor Swift performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show twice — Liz used to watch that religiously.
  10. Tom Hiddleston was a fan of Taylor Swift — Liz’s Dad, Tom is also a fan of Taylor Swift (kind of).
  11. Taylor Swift wrote a song called “Wildest Dreams” — Liz always has wild dreams.
  12. Taylor Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm — Liz loves Christmas, and that song.
  13. Taylor Swift has a lot of cool friends — Liz wishes she did.
  14. Taylor Swift rode horses competitively as a kid — Liz tried a beginner version of barrel racing at a friend’s farm… it didn’t work out.
  15. All To Well” took the longest for Taylor Swift to write — it has been Liz’s favourite song for the longest time.
  16. Taylor Swift’s go-to drive thru order is a cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate shake — This is also Liz’s go to order at Mcdonalds.
  17. Taylor Swift has a song called “Betty”— Liz’s great aunt’s name is Betty.
  18. The first song Taylor Swift learned on guitar was “Kiss Me” — Liz was obsessed with this song as a kid after watching She’s All That.
  19. The first thing Taylor Swift does when she gets an idea for a song is to write it down — Liz also writes down all her ideas, but loses them in the thousands of notebooks she has in her apartment.
  20. Taylor Swift’s favourite teacher taught her a lot about guitar and piano — Liz’s favourite teacher was her piano teacher.
  21. Taylor Swift’s favourite beverage is coffee — Liz loves coffee.
  22. If Taylor Swift could eat the same thing every day, it would be chicken tenders — Liz would also eat chicken tenders every day.
  23. Taylor Swift cried watching The Martian — Liz cried watching The Martian.
  24. If Taylor Swift could have any other job it would be in marketing — Liz works in digital marketing.
  25. Taylor Swift can’t do a handstand — neither can Liz.
  26. Taylor Swift is terrified of spiders — Liz has arachnophobia!
  27. Taylor Swift wrote a song about Britney Spears — Liz’s first CD was Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time.
  28. Taylor Swift’s favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate caramel — Liz’s most recent favourite flavour is malt chocolate and honeycomb from Made By Marcus (close enough).
  29. Taylor Swift’s advice for people wanting to be a singer is to “get a good lawyer” — Liz is dating a lawyer.
  30. Taylor Swift’s cat is named Meredith Grey from “Grey’s Anatomy” — Liz loves “Grey’s Anatomy”.
  31. Taylor Swift’s brother Austin Swift was a freelance photographer — Liz’s cousin is also a photographer.
  32. Taylor Swift can count to 10 in German — so can Liz, and so can a bunch of other people.
  33. Taylor Swift bleached her hair in 2016 — Liz bleaches some of her hair every year.
  34. Taylor Swift has double-jointed elbows — Liz has double-jointed thumbs.
  35. At one point, Taylor Swift was the youngest solo artist to win Album Of The Year — Liz is the youngest worker at Kick Point.
  36. Taylor Swift made a cardigan — Liz bought that cardigan.
  37. Taylor Swift danced around her room in the “You Belong With Me video” — Liz does this every night.

No I Don’t Want Your Life Story, I Just Want The Recipe (Brittany)

  1. How do you make carrot cake even better? Brown butter cream cheese frosting.
  2. Want In-N-Out but don’t live in the US? Here you go.
  3. Buttermilk pound cake — for when you needed just a splash of buttermilk in one recipe and now have too much buttermilk that you don’t know what to do with.
  4. Watching Parasite changed my life by introducing me to ram-don.
  5. What is a garbage plate?
  6. Antoni’s smoky chicken skillet fajitas are 👌.
  7. Hello this is Chef John from Foodwishes.com with Greek lemon chicken and potatoes.
  8. I look forward to making this again in the KP Instant Pot when we’re back in the office.
  9. Vietnamese-American garlic noodles, for the garlic obsessed (AKA me).
  10. I would like someone to make this for me to eat for dessert every day, please.
  11. This slow-cooked minced pork ragu is super rich and filling.
  12. Don’t feel like doing lots of dishes? Make this one-pot pasta.
  13. I didn’t know what a chopped cheese was until recently.
  14. Feeling spicy? Make Jeyuk Bokkeum.
  15. Spinach dip, but it’s inside of a mushroom.
  17. Who doesn’t like sweet potato fries? (Roasted sweet potatoes are the best.)
  18. Upgrade your french fry dipping game with garlic aioli.
  19. Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlets) are delicious! (Or use chicken, if you’d prefer.)
  20. Pair this side dish with tonkatsu. And some rice, of course.
  21. I really like this marinara sauce.
  22. Chicken stew with biscuits for those cold winter nights.
  23. These Korean braised potatoes are sweet and salty!
  24. If I don’t know what to make for supper I make this.
  25. Filet-O-Fish is gross, but maybe it doesn’t have to be.
  26. You need to make The Sloppy Jessica from Brooklyn Nine-Nine at least once in your life. Eat at your own risk.
  27. Making your own focaccia bread is super easy and rewarding. (My go-to is garlic and rosemary.)
  28. These mini sausage rolls are way better than those premade frozen ones.
  29. Like salt and vinegar chips? Make these potatoes.
  30. One time I ate this French apple cake in a single day. (I had some help.)
  31. Pasta aglio e olio. Try saying that ten times fast.
  32. There is more chocolate than flour in these brownies, as it should be.
  33. Broccoli salad — because is it really a Kick Point Newsletter without a link to a broccoli recipe?
  34. Remember to eat your green beans.
  35. Jen found this Dole Whip recipe and I am definitely going to make it this summer.
  36. Raw cauliflower isn’t my favorite, but roasted cauliflower hits different (as the kids these days say).
  37. Learn how to make fish for people who don’t like fish. (I really want to like fish but it’s just kinda gross.)

Outdoor Adventuretimes (Leanne)

  1. Local sections of The Great Trail exist across Canada, making it a perfect covidtimes exploration quest.
  2. Is a self-supported cycling adventure in your future? Start here.
  3. What’s the difference between cycle touring and backpacking?
  4. Check out bike trails in Edmonton’s river valley.
  5. First aid but make it wild? Coast Wilderness Medical Training offers this Wilderness First Responder course, as well as many others.
  6. The best masks for exercising.
  7. Want to start backpacking? Read this!
  8. Then, unleash your imagination and check out itineraries for Mt. Assiniboine, Tonquin Valley, and Berg Lake.
  9. Or, if you’re ready for an incredible day hike, try one of these!
  10. Parks Canada reservation system got you down? See where else people are staying on the iOverlander app.
  11. My next backpacking tent could be this one, this one, or this one. Decisions are hard.
  12. Check out the best women’s specific (or men’s specific) hiking boots of 2021.
  13. Let’s settle the trail runners vs hiking boots debate once and for all.
  14. What’s the difference between a down and synthetic sleeping bag?
  15. I hear you like big trails! The High Rim is a huge length of trail between Kelowna and Vernon, BC.
  16. Socks are excellent outdoor knitting adventure partners! I recommend this pattern (beginner sock-knitter friendly).
  17. Remember to wash your knitting project once it’s done (especially if you’ve been crafting outdoors). Check out Soak no-rinse wash in Fig.
  18. Slacklining is an awesome way to build strength while gyms are covid-closed.
  19. Use this resource (and this one) to build a mountaineering training plan.
  20. Check out Yamnuska Mountain Adventures’ mountaineering courses.
  21. A mountaineering gear breakdown, for your reading pleasure.
  22. Learn to climb with Skaha Rock Adventures. They have outdoor climbing courses for every skill level!
  23. These training programs are awesome free resources for climbers advancing their skills.
  24. A thorough introduction to indoor climbing holds.
  25. The perfect climbing leggings might not exist, but they could be these (or these).
  26. Let’s learn how to crack climb.
  27. Build an at-home climbing wall (with no skills).
  28. Unlikely Hikers is a wonderful, diverse outdoor community for underrepresented hikers.
  29. Podcast Climbing Gold, hosted by Alex Honnold and Fitz Cahall, shares incredible stories of climbing and community.
  30. Check out Melanin Base Camp, and their awesome list of black women and non-binary rock climbers.
  31. Memphis Rox rocks. The gym was featured in this year’s Reel Rock festival in the film Black Ice. AMAZING.
  32. While you’re at it, you can watch every Reel Rock film on Red Bull TV!
  33. If you’re open water swimming in Canada, you might need a wetsuit eventually. Learn how to choose the best one for you!
  34. Swimming in Edmonton? Join the Edmonton River Swimmers!
  35. Or, post-COVID, try the Across the Lake swim in Kelowna.
  36. Or, if it’s inspiration you seek, watch Kim Swims.

Sports! Sports! Sports! (Emma)

  1. Is Return to Earth the best mountain bike film of all time? You be the judge!
  2. Put women’s sports on TV <— everyone needs this shirt.
  3. I bow down to McDavid and this goal.
  4. What will be the new name of the Washington Football Team? Hopefully not “The Presidents”… 😐
  5. If you want to add more adventure sports to your life without actually taking the sports themselves, may I suggest watching other people do risky things on free-to-watch Red Bull TV?
  6. Gritty is my favourite sports mascot. No question. Long live Gritty!
  7. I’m low-key addicted to placing low-dollar bets on FanDuel — winning $6 based on a fantasy team I put together with a $1 bet sure is a thrill! 😂
  8. American? Don’t understand what “rugby” is? This might help.
  9. Not American? Don’t understand what “football” is? This might help.
  10. Did you know that the official song of the 1998 FIFA World Cup was “Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba, and since then no other song for a sporting event has ever come close to being as good as this one?
  11. If you’ve never watched the NFL installments of A Bad Lip Reading, please do so now.
  12. Icing muscles after sports is “not just ineffective, it could be counterproductive, a new study in mice suggests” — I’m not sure how much I trust mice, but this is an interesting read nonetheless.
  13. How the WNBA Hoodie became the hottest fashion item in the bubble.
  14. Even if you’re not a football/soccer fan, you should probably know why the European Super League was a bad idea (and destined to fail).
  15. If you haven’t watched the TV series Ted Lasso yet, you really should.
  16. If you ask me who the most influential “power couple” in women’s sports is, I’d probably say Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird.
  17. Sign up for The Gist: a sports newsletter that’s made for women, by women (and is darn good).
  18. Follow skiers, snowboarders, scientists and healers as they uncover The Secret Life of Trees.
  19. Performance + choice of music = Nia Dennis creating the most memorable gymnastics floor routine ever.
  20. Does Inter Miami CF have one of the best-looking brands in football? (Spoiler: yes it does 🔥.)
  21. Pizza and bikes can fix anything.
  22. You might be surprised to learn that the painting of goalie masks is a specialized, highly competitive industry. I myself was surprised to learn this.
  23. Just Women’s Sports. It is what it says it is.
  24. Casey Brown is a wicked MTB rider and Revelstoke is an awesome place, as evidenced in this video.
  25. In a sex-segregated sports world, where do non-binary athletes fit in?
  26. I’m not a huge tennis fan, but people seem to really enjoy Roger Federer 🤷.
  27. Please enjoy this list of the ugliest football jerseys ever.
  28. The documentary Any One of Us is an honest portrait of how Paul Basagoitia’s life was forever changed by a crash at Red Bull Rampage.
  29. Still not over these mini footballers.
  30. A look at the rise of the athlete podcaster.
  31. Are the Team Canada outfits for the Tokyo Olympics a) great, or b) gross? Please discuss.
  32. Catch Surf makes pretty surfboards.
  33. You know who’s cool? This six-year-old skater girl.
  34. Yes, I have built the Old Trafford LEGO set.
  35. Are you an athlete logo expert? Find out here.
  36. Women’s soccer rules, and All For XI is here to give you all the latest updates in all the leagues.

Home Design Inspo & Projects (Firds)

  1. Create an eclectic gallery wall for that empty wall you have no idea what to do with.
  2. Affordable balcony/patio finds for even the smallest space!
  3. Nothing like a budget-friendly working space to increase productivity.
  4. Is cupboard space a problem for you? These items may help solve that problem.
  5. Before starting any DIY project, make sure you have these tools.
  6. One of my favourite interior design inspiration Instagram pages.
  7. 3 tips for those odd living room layouts.
  8. What’s on your kitchen counter?
  9. A short history on interior design styles.
  10. Paint colour trends for 2021.
  11. How to keep a tidy home for those who hate cleaning.
  12. Let there be light!
  13. I think it’s best we leave the professionals to handle these home projects.
  14. This website has some pretty cool wall art.
  15. I honestly think this design trend will be very short-lived — yes, I said it.
  16. Wow! I have never seen something created more beautifully and sustainably.
  17. Take this design quiz to find out your interior design style.
  18. This is my next house project, wish me luck!
  19. Who said rooms only needed to serve one purpose?
  20. Common mistakes people make when home renovating.
  21. 2021 biggest kitchen design trends.
  22. Is your sofa placed properly?
  23. Every possible way to add greenery to your home.
  24. Okay, this is the reason it’s really important to plan ahead or just don’t do it.
  25. No room for office space? No problem.
  26. Watch the world’s most extraordinary homes!
  27. A small bathroom space should not be your excuse to not make it look good.
  28. Now I want a library for the 10 books I own.
  29. Devices to up your “smart home” game.
  30. Life hacks — using things around the house, I never knew I needed.
  31.  Walk past the towel aisle and get some cool housewarming gifts.
  32. Create the perfect home theatre system with these soundbars.
  33. The ultimate kitchen tools list for the everyday cook.
  34. Is a TV in the bedroom a good idea? Asking for a friend.
  35. Cozy, Intimate outdoor spaces for every person’s design style.
  36. Seasonal design tips if you need a new look and feel to your space.

Let’s Get Musical (Shirl)

  1. No Garage Band? No problem.
  2. BRB, busy making bangers.
  3. Find a random music channel perfect for studying, working, or chilling.
  4. Is it true that Dark Side of Moon and The Wizard of Oz are oddly in-sync?
  5. These curated playlists are where the cool kids find new music.
  6. What are the best movie soundtracks of all time?
  7. How awesome would it be to put your amateur recordings on vinyl?
  8. Gnod knows your music taste even better than you do.
  9. Discover every type of music…ever?
  10. Press some keys, be amazed at the sounds and shapes… this is addictive.
  11. This book of 1000 record covers is the perfect coffee table book for any music aficionado.
  12. Find new music before it gets big.
  13. If SimCity was a musical.
  14. This amazing site transforms Wikipedia’s content updates into music.
  15. Need to boost your productivity? Try these playlists.
  16. You have to see this interactive Bob Dylan video. Mind blown.
  17. The best place for long-form articles about musicians.
  18. The top favourites of people who really, really love music.
  19. Learn a musical party trick while also enjoying your favourite wine! Two for one!
  20. Discover intimate recording sessions from some of the coolest artists around.
  21. Match beautiful music with delicious cocktails!
  22. Looking for royalty-free music to play in your business? Stereomood has you covered.
  23. A comprehensive list of the best places to find music.
  24. Mixes I made for house music fans! *shameless plug*
  25. Start practicing these karaoke standbys now so that you’ll be ready when Covid is over.
  26. Earplugs for any situation.
  27. Mixes for disco lovers.
  28. Jam with your friends in your web browser.
  29. Synthesize your drawings!
  30. Hang your keys from an amp-inspired hook!
  31. Destress with music made for meditation.
  32. Are you the world’s next top DJ? Find out if you have what it takes.
  33. Send everyone you know a post-punk-inspired postcard.
  34. Wear your love of music on your sleeve (or bag, or lapel).
  35. Do you know Sylvan Esso? Their NPR Tiny Desk set is one of my faves.
  36. The Song Exploder podcast features artists breaking down the creative process behind one of their tracks.
  37. Have you been checking out KP’s monthly playlists? Here’s April’s.

What Parenting Was Like In 2020 (Penny)

  1. Working from home is awesome.
  2. Working from home when your seven-year-old is also at home is not awesome.
  3. Parenting this last year was a hilarious mess and I’m glad other parents agree.
  4. This video sums up why most parents were terrible at home-schooling their kids (myself included).
  5. There are very good reasons why I was bad at home-schooling.
  6. I think we can all agree that failing at parenting in 2020 is totally cool.
  7. And funny.
  8. 250+ things that I could have done with my kid but never did because who has time to read about 250 things?
  9. Unfortunately, I did make time to read about why screen time is bad for kids.
  10. But then I also read about why screen time is not so bad for kids.
  11. In the end, I settled for letting her watch a lot of educational TV.
  12. And decided that watching Avatar: The Last Airbender together was technically a bonding activity.
  13. We had a talk about chores.
  14. She became good at cleaning the house.
  15. I felt like puzzles were a good activity.
  16. Found out we don’t enjoy puzzles.
  17. Online meetings required planning.
  18. I tried a few things, but no one tells you that the only way to not be interrupted during a meeting is to lock your child in the bedroom with candy and an iPad.
  19. As long as you ignore the science that says iPads are bad for your kid.
  20. Instead, just read about why iPads aren’t so bad for your kid.
  21. Also, there are educational apps for kids.
  22. But I’ve learned no matter what you do, your kid will interrupt your online meetings.
  23. It’s often funny though, so everyone should just get on board with it.
  24. There are a lot of things to be learned from parenting this past year.
  25. I’ve learned nothing.
  26. Except that if your kid does not have siblings, she will pick fights with the Roomba.
  27. And I am now basically a superhuman mom.
  28. And possibly a bad mom.
  29. There’s no doubt that my multitasking skills have gone through the roof.
  30. Unfortunately, the internet says multitasking is bad for you.
  31. In the end, the kiddo and I bonded quite a bit.
  32. Being stuck at home together working and doing school was often funny.
  33. I’m kidding, it was the worst and I hope I never have to do it again.
  34. This video sums up why.
  35. Things look better for 2021, so fingers crossed!

Long Reads! For when you’re procrastinating about a deadline or waiting in line for a vaccination. (Jen)

  1. Why is America addicted to Olive Garden?
  2. This article is better than the Bling Ring movie.
  3. If you loved Coyote Ugly, you’ll love meeting the muse of Lil’s joint.
  4. How many people are being sickened and killed by COVID-19 in prisons in America?
  5. Maybe you know her as Mrs. Coach? Connie Britton forever.
  6. Same shit, different decade.” — Roxanne Gay on Trayvon Martin.
  7. Living the delayed life with Amway — this one made me think of Kirsten Dunst, iykyk.
  8. Was Ramona Quimby a pretty important part of anyone else’s childhood?
  9. Rachel Kolb, deaf since birth, shares the mysteries of lipreading.
  10. Where’d Grandma’s weird couch come from?
  11. SoulCycle’s value proposition was exclusivity until the atmosphere turned toxic.
  12. Supermarket Sweep: the HAM IS PLASTIC.
  13. Sweatpants are everything.
  14. Who knew you could learn so much about Southern identity just by thinking — really hard — about doughnuts?
  15. This is how Missy Elliott became an icon.
  16. Proof that the Internet really has changed everything.
  17. I was only there for the pizza, but the history of the Chuck E. Cheese band is really something.
  18. Coming to America and becoming African-American.
  19. What was it like to be part of the Tonya Harding fan club?
  20. Why does Mount Rushmore exist? (Hint: it isn’t just a prop from Richie Rich like I thought it was as a child.)
  21. Everything on Theme Park Tourist is amazing, but Snow White’s Scary Adventure was really somethin’ else!
  22. Yeah, if I see chicken tendies on a menu, I too will order them.
  23. This is about cinnamon rolls and Mario Batali’s “apology” letter and it won a James Beard Award, (congrats Geraldine!).
  24. The idea of a hotel room staycation sure hits different during a global pandemic when many of us have been forced into varying degrees of quarantine and isolation.
  25. Was email a mistake? (ABSOLUTELY NOT, in my phone-hating opinion.)
  26. I am now very scared to add up how much in-game currency I have purchased so far this year.
  27. It’s hard to imagine the dilemma of checking a bag or not checking a bag right now, but still.
  28. Apparently, there is more to know about George Foreman Grills than what I learned in the episode where Michael grills his foot.
  29. First of all, when is Top Gun 2 coming out? And second of all, what happened to Val Kilmer?
  30. I wouldn’t go on a cruise before the pandemic. Probably never will.
  31. “I never did anything cool with a calculator” is a memorable Laura quote and relevant to this piece about how Texas Instruments monopolized math class.
  32. It’s good to know that “vegan cheese” is “getting better”, but I think I’ll still take a hard pass.
  33. Obviously, the art of high-fiving feels very “pre-pandemic”, but an interesting story nonetheless!
  34. I’m from more of the Addison Montgomery generation, but apparently, Addison Rae changed an entire industry.
  35. Did you know that not only are there stories about bowling, but there is one called The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever?
  36. There are not enough airplane pretzels in the world to get me to try to make a living on airline points.
  37. The only reason I already knew people live in Las Vegas is because a lot of them seemed to die on CSI.
  38. As someone who can only play the first half of “Happy Birthday” on the piano, this article was overwhelming.


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