SEO Strategist

Natalie Wright

Natalie's Favourite Things

Hailing from England, Natalie discovered her love for Search Engine Optimization back in 2012 when she landed an internship at a digital marketing agency.

With an unrelenting love for fixing broken things and understanding user psychology online, Natalie has since produced and implemented several dozen website audits, developed a website application that enabled users to identify dubious backlinks pointing to their domain and spoken at the UK’s largest SEO conference.

As an SEO Strategist at Kick Point, Natalie audits client websites and online marketing strategies in order to identify opportunities for growth. She also develops processes, best practices and templates that support the agency in its endeavour to deliver sustainable results to clients.

When she’s not being an internet wicca, Natalie is most likely re-watching the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or smiling wistfully at the memory of meeting Eliza Dushku whilst wearing a top hat.