by AJ Dyrbye

AJ Works Here Now

Greetings and salutations! I’m AJ, and I’m thrilled to be on board as a Web Developer at Kick Point.

I first became aware of Kick Point when I started volunteering as a mentor at Ladies Learning Code, where Dana is co-chapter lead for the Edmonton branch. Between LLC, regularly catching Dana’s technology column on Edmonton AM, and having had the pleasure of working with Sarah for several weeks in my prior position, Kick Point has not only stayed high on my radar, but consistently impressed me with their collegiality, professionalism, and sheer knowledgeability.

While I first worked with HTML in the mid-90s (oh, Geocities, I loved and loathed thee), I didn’t come back to it until 2010, when I was thrown head first into managing a live site as a raw graduate research assistant. Over the course of my Humanities Computing degree, I got a great combination of formal instruction and direct experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. This proved a surprisingly great complement to my existing background in English — I’ve found web languages, copy, and metadata go hand in hand, nevermind the marketing applications!

On the code end, the combination of moments of sheer panic and the triumph of accomplishment hooked me, hard. During my Masters, I worked on several other sites in roles ranging from content to code and even managed to build my thesis around web development. Since graduation, I’ve added content management systems to my repertoire. While WordPress is my first love, I’ve also worked on a number of Joomla sites and am currently learning the ins and outs of Shopify.

I’m particularly excited to join Kick Point as my last role showed me just how powerful the combination of web development and great marketing strategy can be. It’s truly fantastic to work with such a dedicated and knowledgeable team and to have the opportunity to not only learn more about how it all fits together, but have my professional skills pushed in new and interesting ways.

When I’m not basking in the glow of my monitor, I can be found with my nose in a book, exclaiming about some cool new scientific finding, gripping a game controller, or lifting heavy things with a podcast in my ears. I also occasionally find time to convert yarn into useful things. Though not generally a contrarian, I prefer tea to coffee, cats to dogs, Marvel to DC, and Macs to PCs.

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