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by Dana DiTomaso

Kick Point’s CFL Social Media Score Card — Week 21

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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another CFL social media score card! This week we’re looking at the first set of Grey Cup playoffs.

Catch up with our previous score cards:

What Happened During Week 21 — Grey Cup Playoffs, Part 1!

Only four teams played this week as Hamilton and Calgary both clinched their divisions and got a bye for the playoff finals.

BC 17 – Montreal 50 (ouch)
Saskatchewan 10 – Edmonton 18

What a crushing blow for watermelon sales in Saskatchewan.

Now let’s get to the analysis!


The top 3 teams with the largest social media audiences for Week 21 are unchanged from last week. They are:

1st Place: Saskatchewan Roughriders
2nd Place: Montreal Alouettes
3rd Place: BC Lions

The 4th place team is the Blue Bombers, but they’d have to add another 69,978 fans in order to catch up with the Lions, so I think the top 3 is pretty safe for now.

Now let’s take a look at the audience growth for Week 21:

Social Audience bar chart for week 21, Edmonton Eskimos have a +1.48%

Even though the REDBLACKS are completely out the playoffs, their social audience continues to grow. Of course, they do have the smallest audience so they have a long way to go!

The Esks had a close game last week, and with a Battle for Alberta brewing this weekend, it should be an exciting game!

If you live in Red Deer, what team do you cheer for in between your visits to the Donut Mill?

The Donut Mill building as viewed majestically from the parking lot

Finally, the sad, sad BC Lions.

Gif of Sad Simba from the Lion King

They were smallest in social growth as their lacklustre performance last weekend surely cost them some fans.


The top 3 most active teams on social media for Week 21 are:

1st Place: BC Lions
2nd Place: Edmonton Eskimos
3rd Place: Toronto Argonauts

Even though the Argos didn’t play last week, they managed to keep up the momentum on social, narrowly beating out the Als for the 3rd place spot. If only the Als had made 7 more posts!

The Riders had the lowest social activity out of any of the teams that played last week — their social always carries a lot of weight with less posts.

Now let’s take a look at the change in activity for Week 21:

Social Activity bar chart for week 21. Edmonton Eskimos have a +74.38%

It’s no surprise that the Alouettes had such a big increase in activity — their game was impressively one-sided and there were lots of plays to comment on. This weekend should be really interesting, as they match up again against the Tiger-Cats to see who goes to the Grey Cup. The last time these two met, it was a close game to determine who clinched first in the East. I’m looking forward to seeing them fight again!

The Eskimos also had a great week and their increased activity shows that.

The only team that played, but didn’t increase their activity was the BC Lions. I’m guessing there isn’t much to tweet about when your team is crushed.


Engagement is really the name of the game when it comes to what we look at around here. Talking to yourself is just weird — it’s “social” media, not broadcast media. Here’s the teams who really got the conversation flowing:

1st Place: Saskatchewan Roughriders
2nd Place: Edmonton Eskimos
3rd Place: Calgary Stampeders

Again this week, the Riders didn’t post much, but what they do post consistently gets a massive response. I bet they could post a photo of the team washrooms and get a huge number of likes and GO RIDERS comments. (Hey Riders, let us know if you try this!)

The Eskimos also stepped up their game this week, driving tons of engagement. I found it interesting that even though the Stamps didn’t have a game this week, they managed a 3rd place finish in the engagement race. I bet their fans will be really fired up for this week’s western final!

Plus, it’s #TheYearOfTheHorse. “The horse” is apparently lightning fast, but liable to physical and mental exhaustion, so pace yourselves, Stamps fans, pace yourselves.

Now let’s take a look at the change in engagement for Week 21:

Social engagement bar chart for week 21. Edmonton Eskimos have a +121.67%

Great job Esks! That is an impressive change in your social engagement, and no mascots had to be carted off the field to realize this increase! Apparently Montreal also woke up and realized that they have a pretty good team on their hands. (Not as good at the Ticats but I’m probably biased.)

Top Posts

Here’s a look at the most engaging content for Week 21:


Yes, that was indeed the top post on Twitter. Sometimes shorter is sweeter, especially since you don’t want to take your gloves off to tweet when it’s minus I-should-have-stayed-inside-degrees during the game. Or maybe Edmonton was just really excited to stick it to the Riders, since it’s usually the other way around.


Whoever does the social photography for the Riders really does a great job.

We would like to thank the greatest fans in the CFL for their support in 2014. The trek to the 2015 Grey Cup in Winnipeg begins tomorrow.

Posted by Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday, November 16, 2014

Even though the Riders couldn’t make it happen this year, they’re already getting their fans pumped up for the 2015 season. See you next year, Riders!


The top team photo on Instagram was a repeat of the Riders post on Facebook, so instead I’d like to link the top non-team post, which was by the CFL.

COME FLY WITH US! Check out the new #CFL Canadian North plane! The winner of the #GreyCup will fly home on it!

A post shared by Canadian Football League 🏈 (@cfl) on

This is a pretty cool plane! Canadian North painted this specifically for the CFL and whoever wins the Grey Cup will get to fly home on this plane! I hope it’s then put back into regular service – how awesome would that be to fly on the CFL plane?

Alaska Airlines has planes painted for a number of US sports teams — I’d love to see the same thing happen here.

Fan Activity

Usually we look at the whole week but since both games were played on Sunday and basically nothing else happened, let’s start with the fan activity around Sunday’s games, starting with the BC Lions:

A graph shows fan activity for week 21. A red arrow points to the time the game ended.

The big red dot at the end is where the game ended and the Toronto Star appeared to be first out of the gate with an article about the big loss. Sorry Lions!

Now let’s turn our attention to the Riders:

A graph shows fan activity for the Roughriders in week 21.

The Riders can be a classy bunch — last year, they took out an ad in the Hamilton Spectator after they beat the Ticats to win the Grey Cup. I like how this end of game tweet is positive and looks forward to 2015.

Comparative Activity

A graph shows fan activity for week 21. The Roughriders have the highest activity.

The top 3 teams with the most active fans are:

1st Place: Saskatchewan Roughriders
2nd Place: Edmonton Eskimos
3rd Place: Hamilton Tiger-Cats

The overlapping blue and green spikes on the left were from the Lions / Als game. Over the last two weeks Als fans have been pretty quiet, but this week they sure came out on social. That score certainly didn’t hurt.

The two overlapping spikes on the right are from the Riders / Esks game. Both teams each have a double peak. Is the valley their pee break? It’s interesting how their fan activity reflects the momentum of the game. The Riders come out of the gate with a giant peak, then in the halftime just don’t come back up to where they were. This was the opposite with the Esks who started out quieter and then after halftime they started getting louder, ending with huge retweets of the “#esks win, baby” official tweet.

Who’s the Big Winner?

Here’s how we figured out the social media winner:

1. We pulled the data from the Audience, Activity, Fan Activity and Engagement charts, then normalized it.

2. Next, we added a weighting factor to reflect what data we felt was most important and gave it a weighting. The weightings from most important to least important are:

Fan Activity

3. Finally, we added up the results!

The standings of Kick Point's CFL social media score card show the Saskatchewan Roughriders in first place followed by the Edmonton Eskimos and the BC Lions

The Riders, once again, are on top. Now that they’re out of the playoffs, let’s see what happens next week!


If you’re on Twitter, check out the #CFLTwitterAwards. Run by Quinn Magnuson, it’s your chance to vote for your favourite CFL Twitter accounts.

Next Week — The Eastern and Western Finals!

We’ll be back on November 28th with our analysis of the Eastern and Western Finals. I’m personally hoping for a Hamilton – Edmonton matchup for the Grey Cup. How about you?

See you next Friday!

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