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Oh, hai thar! I’m Tammy Lee, and I’m the new Development Director at Kick Point! (Yes, I accept high-fives.)

The development department here at Kick Point is still rather new so as the DD (it’s cool to acronymize my position, right?), I’m helping to shape our process, best practices, and standards around how Kick Point will be building and delivering websites. Spoiler alert: I like to make sure things are done right.

I’ve been building websites since before CSS was invented. My first website was a Star Trek fansite built using frames, and each frame was not only independently scrollable, but each also had it’s own nebula photograph as a background. I used all the space-dust to make my page pretty! There was also a midi of the Star Trek theme song. Original flavour.

I have strong opinions on what, truly, makes the difference between an intermediate and a senior developer, and it isn’t the years you’ve put in, it’s leadership and what you give back. I practice what I preach and have spent the past few years really earning my senior developer rank by:

  • Mentoring with Ladies Learning Code
  • Organizing the WordPress Edmonton Meetup (WPYEG)
  • Organizing the Stupid Shit Nobody Needs and Terrible Ideas hackathon, YEG-edition
  • Teaching at the Young Scientist Conference at the University of Alberta
  • Becoming a sessional instructor at MacEwan University, teaching Web Design & Development
  • Providing individual mentorship for junior designers and developers
  • Starting an agency-agnostic Slack team for Edmonton developers to keep in touch and share knowledge
  • Stepping up to take a leadership role here at Kick Point
  • And, of course, knowing how to code.

Oh the personal side of things:

  • If it’s animated, I’ll watch it
  • Non-superhero comics are my jam
  • I could re-read the Discworld novels ad infinitum
  • Zelda/Mario games are the best ever come fight me, sis
  • My pet is a foam brick
  • I’ve sold more paintings than stories but I still call myself a writer, not a painter
  • I drink tea, not coffee, and you’ll hear me complain if a non-Earl Grey black tea is not an option on the brunch menu (I like to bring up the fact that Canada is still a Commonwealth country and, by God, the Queen would be so disappointed if she knew a solid orange pekoe was not on the menu! Also, bergamot is of the Devil.)
  • I’m a recovering workaholic

I’m already jumping into my new role here at Kick Point, and I couldn’t be happier! It’s great to work with a small team of people who know what they’re doing, and I can’t wait to launch my first site! Actually! I did launch my first site with Kick Point within my first month! 😀

Twitter: @tammalee
Instagram: @tammalee

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