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by Emma Butler

The Power of Video and Motion Graphics

Illustration of a movie clapboard.

Have you watched a video today? I’m guessing you have — I’ve watched three already and I’ve only been at my desk for half an hour.

I’ve connected with Coca-Cola, Pandora, and Red Bull. I’ve learned about attraction, that all moms are unique, and snowboarder Seb Toots is so talented — and it only took a few minutes for me to absorb this information.

Therein lies the power of online video — it gives you the opportunity to share more with your audience in a shorter amount of time. Being a good reader has no bearing here, because almost everyone out there is a good viewer now (thanks, Netflix!). Short, entertaining videos are easy to digest and appeal to the “shorter-than-ever-attention-spans” most of society now possess — it’s little wonder that Youtube is the number two search engine in the world and receives more than one billion unique users every month. Considering that, the potential reach of video is staggering. Engage viewers with an interesting, well-crafted video and they will share the heck out of it — in fact, viewers are now more likely to share a video on Facebook than they are a simple image. Scroll through your Facebook news feed right now and you’ll see what I mean.

Video gives you the opportunity to share more with your audience in a shorter amount of time.

Think of the most successful video campaigns you’ve seen — you will remember them, because great videos are hard to forget. Dumb Ways to Die? Sherlock the KLM Beagle? Anything by Dove? We remember those videos because they were informative and entertaining, and because of that, we remember the brands who created them — that’s the beauty of incorporating video into your online marketing strategy. If you’re interested in tapping into the power of video as part of your marketing strategy, drop us a line and we can help you out. For now, I’m gonna go put on my Pandora bracelet and then slam a Red Bull.

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