by Emma Butler

Gifts for the Discerning Graphic Designer in Your Life

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If you’ve had the pleasure of working alongside (or living with) a graphic designer, you’re aware that they can be picky creatures — especially when it comes to items they deem worthy of introducing into their carefully designed workspaces/living rooms/wardrobes.

Luckily, the members of Kick Point’s “Design Island” are here to help! Here are some items we’d be proud to welcome into our lives this Christmas — or anytime, for that matter. Of course, taste is unique to the individual, but we hope that this list helps you put a smile on a designer’s face.

Wave One (1st Edition) by DKNG

DKNG have long been purveyors of awesome poster design, but their latest print “Wave One” blew us away. The water looks so realistic it’s hard to believe this print is 100% vector! The design features a split fountain blend of ink colours in the sky, meaning each individual print will have a unique gradient. Wave One is a limited edition of only 100 prints, so you’ll want to grab yours today!

(If waves aren’t your thing, how about cabins? Or campers?)

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Envato Elements Subscription

The ultimate all-in-one creative subscription! Envato Elements has millions of creative assets all in one place. Our team purchased a subscription a few months back and it’s already paid for itself.

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The Canadianist Issue 2 by Everlovin’ Press

The Canadianist is a series of foil and letterpress prints produced in Canada by Canadian illustrators. The theme of this edition is ‘icons’ and features our “most cherished cultural symbols” (read: beavers & maple leafs!).

Thick cover stock, luscious inks, and copper foil — these prints check off all the boxes!

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Yeti Tumblers & Mugs

These stylish cups are more than just really, really, ridiculously good-looking, they’re also super practical. Insulated and vacuum sealed, these cups will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. Yeti’s “No Sweat” design keeps both the cup and your hands dry. With a lineup of nature-inspired colours, any designer will proudly display this cup on their desk.

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LED Clock

Forget numbers, this LED clock displays the time as text. It’s easy to read and fun to have around — perfect for the designer who likes to decorate their office or studio with unique items.

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Gradient Puzzle

Gradients! So hot right now. Available in several different color combinations, this challenging puzzle will keep any colour obsessed designer busy for hours!

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Vanamco DeviceLab

This is so extra we had to include it! DeviceLab helps designers test responsive websites all at once by bringing several devices, like phones and tablets, together in one place. Not only does it save your designer time, but as an extra bonus, it will also keep their desk tidy!

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Super Sweet Pins by Super Team Deluxe

Pins from Super Team Deluxe (a pocket knife, pencil, and skull)

As a leader in daily pin-wearing — and owner of several pins from Super Team Deluxe already — Emma can vouch for the quality and attractiveness of these pins. Whether you’re shopping for a lover of Adobe Illustrator or a web design wonder, there’s a pin to suit the person.

At the very least, you have to check out the website — those hovers! That navigation! 😍

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Blackwing Pencils

three Blackwing pencils

Blackwing are the best pencils, as officially voted by Design Island. With a slogan like “Half the pressure, twice the speed” how could they not be? We go through these fairly quickly, so receiving a box of them as a stocking-stuffer would always be appreciated, and we’re sure other designers would agree. Pair it with a Moleskine notebook to really tip this gift over the edge!

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Gather Desk Organizer

An organized workspace leads to increased productivity — it also makes a creative’s desk look extra cool. Help the designer in your life stay organized with this beautifully-designed, minimal organizer. From their site: “Cut through the clutter. Gather adapts to your workspace and workflow to make sure the tools you need are always within reach and is flexible enough to use in any space.”

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“Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules” by John Hegarty

Cover and page spreads from Hegarty on Creativity book

This book is important. Concise and inspiring, it belongs on every creative’s bookshelf.

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Prints by Simon Stålenhag

An image of the print

Simon Stålenhag has been a long-time favourite in the Kick Point office. His illustrations of various scenes from an imagined dystopian future society are intriguing, captivating, and always thought-provoking. These are perfect for a designer with a sci-fi lean, and bonus: you can purchase Stålenhag’s illustrations as prints and posters in whatever size you choose.

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Pantone Keychains

Is a list of gifts for designers even legitimate if it doesn’t include at least one Pantone product? Better to be safe than sorry.

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Bonus: Sites for Design Gift Inspiration

  • — as it states on the homepage, “Canopy is Amazon, curated.”. No kitschy items here; just an endless list of thoughtfully designed products and a fair amount of “I never knew someone needed that!” items.
  • The Coolector — “cool things from around the universe”, including fashion, design, technology, and more.
  • Jessica Hische — what can we say? We’re big fans, and her work is just so good!

Have you recently hit it out of the park with gift-buying for a graphic designer? Share your gift ideas with us!

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