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Gifts for the Discerning Graphic Designer in Your Life

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Updated: December 2021

If you’ve had the pleasure of working alongside (or living with) a graphic designer, you’re aware that they can be picky creatures — especially when it comes to items they deem worthy of introducing into their carefully designed workspaces/living rooms/wardrobes.

Luckily, the members of Kick Point’s “Design Island” are here to help! Here are some items we’d be proud to welcome into our lives this Christmas — or anytime, for that matter. Of course, taste is unique to the individual, but we hope that this list helps you put a smile on a designer’s face.

Polaroid Lab Instant Printer

Polaroid Lab Instant Photo Printer with phone and a printed polaroid photo.

Polaroid has found the perfect combination of old school and modern tech. Their Lab Instant Printer takes any photo from your camera roll and turns it into a wonderfully retro polaroid pic. The kit also houses three lenses for a true analog(ish) experience.

Get Polaroid

Extra Bold

Cover of the book

This thought-provoking book is filled with essays, profiles, and images by a diverse team of authors who examine the ways that design has, and more importantly, has not, practiced antiracism, feminism, inclusion, and nonbinary thinking. This was written with the designer in mind but would be a great addition to anyone’s anti-racism reading list.

Get Extra Bold

Blackwing Pencils

Three Blackwing pencils in white, black and grey

Blackwing are the best pencils, as officially voted by Design Island. With a slogan like “Half the pressure, twice the speed” how could they not be? We go through these fairly quickly, so receiving a box of them as a stocking-stuffer would always be appreciated, and we’re sure other designers would agree. Pair it with a Moleskine notebook to really tip this gift over the edge!

Get Pencils

Field Notes Memo Books

Six Field Notes notebooks with graphic covers

If you want a notebook for a designer, get one that’s made by a designer. Created by Aaron Draplin, these notebooks are easily pocketable, and feature graphed, ruled, or plain pages. Pick up the notebook in Original Kraft or get an annual subscription with covers that change over the seasons. Bonus? There’s a left-hand version.

Get Field Notes

Yeti Tumblers & Mugs

Four Yeti cups lined up

These stylish cups are more than just really, really, ridiculously good-looking, they’re also super practical. Insulated and vacuum-sealed, these cups will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. Yeti’s “No Sweat” design keeps both the cup and your hands dry. With a lineup of nature-inspired colours, any designer will proudly display this cup on their desk.

Get Yeti

Camp Brand Goods

Four sweatshirts from Camp Brand Goods.

We’re all about comfort while we’re working from home. These stylish sweatshirts will keep designers so cozy that they’ll almost forget they’re working, but they’ll still look profesh enough for their next Zoom call.

Get Camp Brand

Sip to Suit Cards About Coffee

A deck of Sip to Suit Cards About Coffee sits on top of a pile of coffee beans.

Beautifully designed, premium playing cards that help keep your designer inspired and caffeinated. Whether you are a coffee fanatic or a rookie brewer, these cards break down coffee-making and drink recipes into informative and thoughtful infographics.

Get Sip to Suit

Telegramme Paper Co. Prints

Four framed art prints from Telegramme Paper Co

High-quality prints to brighten up the walls of your designer’s home or office. Telegramme Paper Co has an awesome line-up of prints that offer the sort of retro style aesthetic that we love and there’s certainly no shortage of prints to choose from. We’ve already picked out this popcorn print to hang above the popcorn machine in our boardroom.

Get Prints

Rumpl x DDC Puffy Blanket

Rumpl x DDC's Thick Lines puffy blanket rolled up and in a branded bag.

Bright colours, minimal design, and thick lines – now in blanket form. One of our favs, Aaron Draplin is teaming up with Rumpl to create two single person-sized Puffy blankets in designs that are distinctively Draplin and are “comfy as hell”.

Get Blanket

Record Cutting Board

Sliced baguette on a circular cutting board. The cutting board looks like a vinyl record.

Looking to add a little extra something to a vinyl-loving designer’s kitchen setup? Let them prepare and serve their greatest hits on this 12-inch vinyl record-inspired chopping and serving board. Produced from premium sustainable bamboo, the cutting board has two sides; Side A for chopping and cutting, and side B, with its laser engraved grooves, for when you want to serve and impress!

Get Cutting Board

Leather Watch Band

Three leather apple watch bands in blue, red, and brown.

These leather Apple Watch straps are the perfect accessory to add a bit of colour and completely change up the look and feel of your smartwatch. With so many colours to choose you’ll find the perfect fit for their watch and personal style.

Get Watch Bands

Modular Magnetic Planter

Plant1Up's magnetic modular planter

This plant system features a modular design of skeletal frames that can be magnetically linked together to create a completely customized indoor garden, sized based on your space or plant’s needs. It’s as easy as adding a module and plant, and then connecting again on any side!

Get Planting

Smart Clock

A blue Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock base. The clock time reads 10:36

Dock your Smart Clock 2 and let its wireless charging dock charge your phone while you sleep. The sleek device keeps the nightstand clutter-free and comes in two different colours, guaranteed to match any decor. Customize the display with photos from your camera roll or keep it simple by displaying the time and weather.

Get Clock

Stamp Prints

Book and Album stamp prints from Dorothy

Celebrate great literature and music with these Stamp Prints from Dorothy. Every print includes 48-stamps with graphics inspired by a classic book or album. These prints will serve as the ideal addition to any design and music lover’s workspace and we’re loving the bold, colourful visuals.

Get Prints

Monitor Riser

A iMac sits on a monitor riser with a yellow base and white legs.

Give your iMac or monitor a colourful raise with these laser-cut monitor risers. Customize this piece to fit any space by selecting the top, leg, and hardware colour (Emma went with orange). The tiny rubber feet protect any surface and the lift helps prevent eye strain and improve posture.

Get Monitor Riser

Magnetic Key Holder

Keys hang from a magnetic key holder made of concrete and wood. A cactus in a yellow pot sits above

Functional, minimal, and stylish. This key holder looks great by any front door and the strong magnet holds keychains, even ones with the largest car keys. The small shelf lets you display various items. Never lose your keys again!

Get Keyholder

“Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules” by John Hegarty

Cover of the book “Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules” by John Hegarty

This book is important. Concise and inspiring, it belongs on every creative’s bookshelf.

Get Creative


Have you recently hit it out of the park with gift-buying for a graphic designer? Share your gift ideas with us!

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