by Emma Butler

Gifts for the Discerning Graphic Designer in Your Life

Illustration of three presents wrapped in blue, teal, and yellow wrapping paper

If you’ve had the pleasure of working alongside (or living with) a graphic designer, you’re aware that they can be picky creatures — especially when it comes to items they deem worthy of introducing into their carefully designed workspaces/living rooms/wardrobes.

Luckily, the members of Kick Point’s “Design Island” are here to help! Here are some items we’d be proud to welcome into our lives this Christmas — or anytime, for that matter. Of course, taste is unique to the individual, but we hope that this list helps you put a smile on a designer’s face.

“Thick Lines” Poster Series by DDC

Draplin's Thick Lines poster series

Bright colours, minimal design, and thick lines: let these posters (by the always outstanding Aaron Draplin) add more colour to any designer’s home, and help them “savor the simple stuff in the world”.

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The Canadianist: Issue 3 by Everlovin’ Press

The cover of The Canadianist Third Issue

The Canadianist is a collectable series of foil and letterpress prints produced in Canada by Canadian illustrators — and issue #3 was just released! The theme of this edition is ‘cozy abodes’ and features some of “the coziest spaces across the country” (see: log cabins, Boler trailers, etc).

Thick cover stock, luscious inks, and a hit of gold foil — these prints check off all the boxes!

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Good Luck Socks

A collection of Good Luck Socks

Mornings can be hard, but you can make them more fun with Corgi Pizza or Donut socks! With a variety of patterns to fit many styles and moods, you’re likely to find something for the designer on your list here.

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HEX Concrete Coasters

Hex cement coasters on a table top

These sleek concrete coasters can help protect any surface from those annoying condensation rings every designer dreads. They’re great for every occasion, and make a perfect stocking stuffer!

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Bullet Journal

A bullet journal

With so many projects on the go, it’s difficult to keep track of those important meetings or even that favourite apple pie recipe. This journal will help any designer organize their past, present, and future. This quick tutorial will show you how!

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Dusen Dusen Pattern Puzzle

Dusen pattern puzzle boxes

Thanks largely in part to the pandemic, 2020 could also be dubbed “year of the puzzle”, due to the sheer amount of puzzles sold while we were all doing our best to stay at home. Available in several different color combinations, these tasteful pattern puzzles will keep any colour obsessed designer busy for hours!

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Vitra Toolbox

Three Vitra toolboxes in white, blue, and teal

Help the designer in your life stay organized with this beautifully-designed toolbox. The Vitra Toolbox minimizes clutter and organizes tools and gadgets all in one place.

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Super Sweet Pins by Super Team Deluxe

Pins from Super Team Deluxe (a pocket knife, pencil, and skull)

As a leader in daily pin-wearing — and owner of several pins from Super Team Deluxe already — Emma can vouch for the quality and attractiveness of these pins. Whether you’re shopping for a lover of Adobe Illustrator or a web design wonder, there’s a pin to suit the person.

At the very least, you have to check out the website — those hovers! That navigation! 😍

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Blackwing Pencils

three Blackwing pencils

Blackwing are the best pencils, as officially voted by Design Island. With a slogan like “Half the pressure, twice the speed” how could they not be? We go through these fairly quickly, so receiving a box of them as a stocking-stuffer would always be appreciated, and we’re sure other designers would agree. Pair it with a Moleskine notebook to really tip this gift over the edge!

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Moment Lenses

A Moment camera lense

Moment lenses are portable and lightweight, which makes them easy for a designer to carry in their pocket when they’re documenting on the go. These detachable iPhone and Android lenses come in fisheye, wide, tele portrait, and macro to capture any scene!

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“Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules” by John Hegarty

Cover and page spreads from Hegarty on Creativity book

This book is important. Concise and inspiring, it belongs on every creative’s bookshelf.

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Swell Blankets

Three Swell blankets

Winters are chilly and being cold sucks. Help keep your designer warm and cozy with these beautifully made pillows and blankets that add a bit of Koselig spice to any office. From their site: “When you choose Swell Made Co. you’re also choosing to support Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl project to help girls access basic human rights that will give them the ability to transform their lives, and become agents of change in their own communities. 5% of each purchase goes directly to this project to champion gender parity and sustainability.”

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Camp Brand Goods

Sweatshirts, t-shirts, and toques from Camp Brand Goods

We’re all about comfort while we’re working from home. These stylish sweatshirts will keep designers so cozy that they’ll almost forget they’re working, but they’ll still look profesh enough for their next Zoom call.

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Terrazo Bowl

Three terrazo bowls

Desktop clutter is the worst. These bowls are great for storing loose change, random clips, or even those tiny USB sticks that designers still have kicking around for some reason.

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RIESS Ladles & Kitchen Rack

RIESS Ladles & Kitchen Rack

Looking to add a little extra something to your designer’s kitchen setup? Turn back time with these nostalgic ladles!

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Felt Tissue Box

Felt Tissue Box

It can be a balancing act between a designer needing to blow their nose and being horrified at the hideous ‘art’ on tissue boxes, so cover them up with this stylish felt box that will blend nicely in any home office.

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Bellroy Phone Wallet

Bellroy phone wallet shown in three colours -- brown, grey, and black

Life is easier when you can minimize the items you need to carry when you’re headed out. This phone case protects your phone and doubles as a card holder, and comes in a variety of colours to match any designer’s style!

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Have you recently hit it out of the park with gift-buying for a graphic designer? Share your gift ideas with us!

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