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Howdy doody! I’m Natalie, and I’m super excited to be joining Kick Point as an SEO Strategist.

I first heard of Kick Point back in 2012 when I began my journey into the world of search engine optimization as an Online Marketing Intern at a digital marketing agency in Brighton, England. Going from front end website development to helping websites rank within Google was a steep learning curve in itself, couple that with being the only female in the department and you’ve got yourself the perfect environment for the creation of one tiny, english underdog. Why the Karate Kid intro? Well, let’s just say that this underdog was beyond thankful when she saw another female not only in SEO, but speaking on the subject at online marketing conferences all over the world.

When it comes to my career and my education, I’ve taken a few left turns. I started in a computer science degree at a university in the middle of the country, then more purposefully applied and was accepted to a website development degree at a university three hundred miles away, which then supported me in the third year of my degree to work that year in the industry — that’s where the internship comes in. Somewhere along the line I almost ditched it all to become an English teacher too. Keeping up? It’s cool, me neither.

During the internship, I discovered that technical SEO really married two of my passions: user psychology and my unrelenting love for fixing broken things. The realm of SEO seemed like a trick to me — I could not only understand how a single website was used by visitors in any given month using Google Analytics, I could also see exactly how thousands of people found said website, and make marketing decisions based on that data?! Mind. Blown.

If I’m being honest I still can’t quite believe I can do all of those things, and it’s that consistent sense of amazement that drives me to get the best results for clients and reminds me that I have found the perfect career.

When I’m not being an internet wicca, I’m likely doing one of the following things:

  • Reading, watching or quoting Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seriously, I’m still waiting to be called. Eliza Dushku threatened me with a nerf gun, once:
Natalie meets Eliza
(I'm actually feeling really happy inside in this photo!)
  • Using my brand new graphics tablet (squee!) to create fan art wildly inefficiently in Adobe Photoshop (I’m moving to Illustrator, I promise), maybe take a peek at my Facebook page or Instagram account?
  • Trying not to fall asleep whilst meditating.
  • Playing as Lady Sylvanas Windrunner in Heroes of the Storm.
  • Playing “Here Comes the Sun” on ukulele, or “Hold Back the River” on guitar.

I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of the team of talented and driven individuals here at Kick Point, and I can’t wait to help clients achieve online success through the development and application of effective SEO strategies.


I think I saw you present at an SEO meetup a few years back. If it’s the same Natalie that I saw present, great to see you’re still in the business, if it’s not, welcome to the business here in Edmonton Natalie 🙂

Andy 🙂

Natalie Wright says:

Hi Andy! It is indeed the same Natalie — thank you for your kind words and I hope to see you soon 🙂

It really is a small world 🙂

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