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Social Media & Paid Search Specialist

Brittany Zerr

A Harry Potter book, a game controller, popcorn, food, and a flag for Japan

Brittany lives and breathes the internet. If she’s not browsing Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, she’s on Reddit. And if she’s not on Reddit, she’s watching videos on YouTube and TikTok.

She loves three things: the internet, food, and travelling. If you need a restaurant recommendation in Edmonton, ask Brittany! Or if you need help planning your trip to Japan, Brittany can help with that too.

As a Digital Strategist at Kick Point, Brittany creates Google Ads strategies, conducts keyword research, writes ad copy, and sets up and manages campaigns. She also loves to write — whether it’s social posts or website content. When she’s not working, she writes about food on her blog (Mediocre Chef).

Brittany is constantly learning — she tunes into #ppcchat on Twitter every Tuesday and reads articles from industry gurus. She’s been to MozCon in Seattle, EngageCon in Portland, and HeroConf in Austin, Philadelphia, and London.

She also has two adorable dogs named Pumpkin and Peach. If you visit the Kick Point office, you’ll see Pumpkin on the pet photo wall, or maybe even in person! (Peach will be added to the photo wall soon™.)