Digital Strategist

Brittany Zerr

Brittany lives and breathes the internet. If she’s not browsing Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, she’s on Reddit. And if she’s not on Reddit, she’s slaying internet dragons in World of Warcraft.

Brittany takes a break from the internet occasionally to go out and eat food with friends. Need a restaurant recommendation in Edmonton? Ask Brittany!

As a digital strategist at Kick Point, Brittany conducts research, manages AdWords accounts, develops brand voice guides, and writes strategies for clients. She feeds her internet addiction at work by reading articles and learning from industry gurus on Twitter. Brittany always wants to learn more — she has been to MozCon in Seattle, EngageCon in Portland, and HeroConf in Austin. She loves travelling just as much as she loves the internet (which is a lot).

Brittany also enjoys cute things like hamsters, Pikachu, and Gudetama. If you have an interesting digital marketing article or pictures of cute hamsters, send them to her on Twitter.