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Be part of a team that entrepreneurs and organizations trust to help them do better marketing.

Nearly all of the clients and partners we work with have come to us via referrals from past and current relationships — people depend on us to help them meet their goals, and they refer to us because we help them succeed.

We don’t have any positions open right now, but if you’d like to introduce yourself and tell us how you’d like to help us help our clients do better, please do!

Working at Kick Point

We believe in sustainability. Working twelve hour days and weekends and being “on-call” during time off is not sustainable. Cutting corners and trying to do too much with not enough budget is not sustainable. Living life with just two weeks of vacation is not sustainable.

Spending as much time filling out timesheets and proving your billable-ness as you do doing actual work is a gross waste of time and energy. Passing your work over to a middle person to meet with the actual client is an outdated approach to marketing projects — you will be empowered to collaborate directly with our clients and partners. You’ll also never be asked to have a “monthly marketing meeting” with a client where you fumble through a slide deck and point to meaningless charts while their eyes glaze over.

The salary range for most of our positions is incredibly broad ($45,000-90,000) because of the variety of roles and your corresponding work experience. We also pay for comprehensive health benefits, a very flexible HSA/WSA, RRSP matching, computer and desk equipment of your choice, and have a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation (plus additional paid time off over Easter, Canada Day/Independence Day, Thanksgiving (Canadian, though some of us celebrate Football Thanksgiving too), and the December holidays, plus a few other (random, but historic) company-wide breaks through the year).

You will also be part of our anti-racism book club. The next book we have on deck is Carolina Built by Kianna Alexander. All of our pro-bono projects and most of our monthly/yearly donations are now directed to anti-racist work and organizations. We give monthly to CFRAC and Grassroots Law Project, and recently collaborated with Linda Hoang, Carmen Cheng, and Jessie Cayabo, to launch Stop Race-Based Hate.

Our team members all have opportunities to attend conferences (virtually and in-person with travel). We’ve recently attended MozCon, HeroConf (in Austin and London), Engage (Portland), SMX (virtual), and Local U (virtually). Brittany (social media and paid ad specialist) and Sammy (digital strategist) are both attending MozCon in Seattle this summer (and Dana is speaking there for the 8th time). Additionally, if you are interested in becoming or growing as a speaker and/or author in this industry, we are equipped to support you in this journey.

We’re all currently working from our home offices (Edmonton, Canmore, and Victoria at the moment) and have started slowly discussing what working in our physical office will look like. We do know that none of us plan to go back to being in the office full-time! Likely, each of us will keep the unique schedule that makes sense for us and find the balance between working at home and in the office that feels right for the work each of us needs to do on any given day. You can live anywhere when you work with us, you just have to be legally able to work in Canada.

We’re also trialing a four-day work week starting in 2023.

How to Apply

Marketers: please email us ([email protected]) to introduce yourself and tell us about the kind of role YOU are looking for! Our usual focus is on people with at least 2 years of experience in either in-house marketing roles or marketing/ad agency roles because it’ll be helpful if you can “hit the ground running” in some of the roles listed above.

If you’re an intermediate or senior developer, the number of years you’ve been at it matters less than what you’ve done with those years. Please tell us ([email protected]) about some of your favourite challenges and most rewarding project wins when you email to introduce yourself.

If you are fresh out of school (or graduating soon and planning ahead), we’re still interested in hearing from you ([email protected])! A person with an inquisitive mind and a strong team player attitude can learn to do any of this stuff at Kick Point.