We believe in sustainability. Working twelve hour days, late nights, and weekends is not sustainable. Cutting corners and trying to do too much with not enough budget is not sustainable. Living life with just two weeks of vacation is not sustainable. Have you visited our brand guide?

We are hiring. 

We need another Strategist. We don’t have a list of specific tasks that you need to know how to do, or a list of tools/programs you must know how to use because those things can all be taught. Tell us what you know and what you want to learn!

You do need to be a strong communicator who writes with near-perfect grammar and be eager to learn new things. It’s also a huge bonus if you like talking on the phone, enjoy meeting with clients face-to-face and via video chat, and are ready to potentially be a trainer/educator as well (if not right away, at some point in the future!).

We currently work with clients across Canada, the United States, and in Australia — so a willingness to travel is a plus. Speaking of travel, if you choose to email us regarding your interest in this position, please tell us your top 1-3 dream conferences that you’d love to attend (and why you think they’re valuable).

To apply, please email us ([email protected]) to introduce yourself and send us a link to or file of something you wrote (this can be marketing related or something completely different).

If you’re a beginner/intermediate-ish Web Developer in Edmonton looking for an exciting and challenging new role, email us ([email protected]) to introduce yourself and tell us about your skills/experience and at least one thing you are determined to learn this year.