Yes, we design and develop websites in-house. If you have less than $15,000 to spend, we will work with a customized theme — which gives you less control over appearance/options/animation, but you still get the important benefits of an impactful, data-driven, SEO-sound, properly migrated marketing website. 

The websites we build fall into a wide range of budgets, but most of our design/dev project budgets are between $20,000-100,000. We focus on designing and developing for who your website is actually for — your clients or customers. Research is an important part of this process to ensure we build a site that will work for your business now and into the future, because sustainability is important to us.

“I’ve lead four organizational website redevelopments in my career and this is the most sustainable, turn-key product I’ve seen delivered.”

— Bobbi O’Conner, Fringe Theatre

Yes, we’re of the “teach a person to fish” school of thought! It’s typically way more economical for you (or you and your team) to learn how to take your marketing in-house than it is to pay an agency a monthly fee for the rest of your life.

Get in touch and tell us what type of education you and your team are looking for.

Yes, being active in the global marketing community is very important to our team. Our team members have spoken at conferences around the world on a variety of topics. We always develop new talks and slide decks in order to ensure your attendees get valuable, unique content. Get in touch with us to discuss your conference or event. Dana DiTomaso is also available to deliver keynote presentations.

We help people do better marketing. That is priority number one. More often than not, awards focus on subjectivity instead of valuing the actual results a client saw. Flash and flare typically trump conversions and financial gains, which isn’t fair to clients. Would you rather have your website win an award for the people who designed it or would you rather have your website bring more customers into your business?

Maybe we’re a bit jaded when it comes to awards because rarely do we go more than a few months without someone contacting us with a sob story about how they got a new website (and it won all these design awards) and then their traffic plummeted. Or they stopped getting phone calls. Or they were never taught how to make changes.

It takes months to fix the crimes award-winning design agencies commit, but that never stops them from sponsoring social media posts about their shiny trophies.

All that being said, awards are actually a valuable link building technique and our team does great work for exciting clients, so we do win awards. We focus on entering awards where the results we achieved for our clients are actually taken into consideration. You can read about some of them in our case studies!

No, we are not an economical solution for your social media management needs. We encourage you to manage your social media accounts in-house. You (or someone on your team) has more knowledge and a deeper connection to your organization than us. We’re happy to provide the tools and education to prepare you, but we will not tweet, post, or snap on your behalf. We do have relationships with people who will do this for you and are happy to provide a recommendation for someone we trust.

Rules are made to be broken though! If you need short-term support, or want a more hands-on style of coaching, we’re open to that, so please get in touch.

Because we don’t have packages or templated solutions, we cannot provide pricing information without receiving details from you about your company and your goals. Goals first, proposal second.

We typically ask all of our potential clients: “how much money do you have set aside for this project?

The purpose of this question is to give us an understanding of whether or not we can realistically help you, or if we need to recommend a different company to meet your needs.

If you cannot tell us “how much money you have set aside” we will provide an estimated range for you to review before moving into a proposal stage, in order to ensure we do not waste our time or yours.

Sigh. If this is your line of questioning, we are probably not a good fit for you. Link building is an Olympic marathon, not a sprint. There is a lot more to link building than just links! An important question that we ask in response is typically: “Can you please send us a few examples of the high quality content you have prepared that you need links built to?”

Probably not. But maybe!