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Please don’t drop by our office because we won’t be there. We thought we would be back in our office (but still keep the flexibility of working from home available) for Fall 2021, but in addition to the fourth wave of the pandemic happening, would you believe that there was a fire in our building?!? We are all still working safely from our homes in Edmonton, Canmore, and Victoria.

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10620 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB  T5J 2A3

If that address looks familiar to you, it’s because it should. You know the Boston Pizza on Jasper Ave & 106th Street? We’re above that. Yes, there is an office up there! We renovated and everything! No, it doesn’t smell like pizza. #HVAC

Our main entrance is on Jasper Avenue. Ring the doorbell and the person who loses rock/paper/scissors will be down shortly to let you in. (This is currently a lie, brought to you by COVID-19, because we are all working from home.)

There is metered street parking nearby and the lot directly behind our building is a Diamond Parking lot (#3125 if you are paying by phone!). The lot is vigorously patrolled during the lunch rush, but at other times it might be worth the risk of not paying. Your call.

P 780.628.2186
E [email protected]