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President & Partner

Dana DiTomaso

A suitcase with flag stickers for Victoria, USA, Italy, UK, and Canada, a name tag lanyard that says

You’ve probably seen Dana present at a conference, or maybe you’ve heard her on the radio.

With her 20+ years experience in digital marketing and teaching, she has a knack for distilling complex topics into engaging and easy to understand instruction.

After wading in rivers while completing her geography degree, Dana fully embraced the allure of the Internet in its earliest days. She worked in tech support for a CRM, and then started a web design company in 2002. Shortly after that, she became engrossed in helping her clients’ websites show up first on search results pages. Dana immersed herself in the SEO community and began speaking on technical and local SEO topics in 2012.

Dana is also the founder and lead instructor of our training platform, KP Playbook. She teaches a course called Analytics for Agencies and runs a thriving community for our learners as well!

In her spare time, Dana yells at football players and collects hobbies.