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Director Of SEO

Elizabeth Linder

An illustrated cat, glass of bubble tea, a running shoe, a horror movie, and paint brush

Elizabeth loves SEO. With a tenacity to always do better, she’ll work hard to make your SEO goals come true!

As one of Bright Local’s rising stars of Local SEO, Elizabeth directs many of our client’s local SEO strategies, helping them thrive in a variety of competitive industries. Elizabeth not only enjoys learning about SEO but sharing that knowledge with clients, the rest of the Kick Point team, and anyone else in the industry through webinars, blog posts, local search events, in-person talks, and as you may already know, on Twitter!

Even though Elizabeth is most well-known for her Local SEO skills, she uses her expansive SEO knowledge to help our clients clean up sticky technical SEO situations, solve complicated schema frustrations, build strong content strategies, and provide direction on anything else that falls under the umbrella of SEO. She takes the time to truly listen and understand a client’s situation and works relentlessly to tailor her work to meet their goals.

SEO isn’t the only thing that fills Elizabeth’s mind. She’s obsessed with horror movies, bubble tea, LEGO, and Taylor Swift. Back in 2019, Taylor Swift was Kick Point’s most listened to artist because she took over the Spotify Playlist every morning. Now, she’s converted almost the entire office into Swifties.

You can make her day by sharing your horror movie recommendations, favourite T-Swift song, new LEGO set, or anything SEO-related with her on Twitter!