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Design Director

Emma Butler

Illustration of a soccer ball, beer bottle, boom box, tent in the woods with a fire.

Emma is from New Zealand and only puts up with these Edmonton winters because of the incredible summers she spends camping and mountain biking in the Rockies. (The adrenaline rush that comes from not knowing whether there is a bear/cougar/rutting elk stalking you is something that just wasn’t going to happen for her back home.)

As the design director for Kick Point, Emma makes sure the visual style of a project is in line with a client’s brand. Solving design problems is her bread and butter, whether it be creating a user centred web design or a strong visual identity — figuring out the most effective solution for a client is always her goal.

When she’s not out exploring the trails on her mountain bike, Emma can be found racking up the kilometres on her gravel bike. When not on her gravel bike, she likes to soak up the endless free entertainment provided by her dogs (Penny and Pippin), go camping, or watch a good game of football (both “The Beautiful Game” and “American” versions).