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Office Administrator

Firdous Sulaiman

Illustration of the South Africa flag, french fries, Cooking Show TV, a radio, and a cup of coffee.

Firdous is fairly new to Edmonton and welcomes your suggestions on anything and everything from restaurants to must-see hot spots! She’s yet to take a dive deep into exploring #yeg and is still feeling a bit plagued by that alarming “I’m on the wrong side of the road!!” feeling.

She was born and raised in South Africa, and her Islamic derived name means paradise/highest garden in paradise – pronunciation: fihr-dos. At Kick Point, Firdous is responsible for everything administrative around the office. The team always had a feeling that things could be more organized, and now they are! Plus, the bookkeeper and accountant probably like us a bit better now that she is here.

She’s obsessed with crime investigation and has watched Joe Kenda the Homicide Hunter for years — if you have crime show suggestions, please send them her way! Firdous is a fan of bubble tea and beef satay, and is very open to trying new things. When she’s not keeping Kick Point on track, she’s at home chilling, cooking, and binge watching TV series.