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Office Administrator

Firdous Sulaiman

Illustration of the South Africa flag, french fries, Cooking Show TV, a radio, and a cup of coffee.

Firdous has been keeping us organized since 2018. She’s also learned a lot about marketing along the way and helps with our internal marketing projects and client work as well.

She was born and raised in South Africa and has no problem admitting that she is biased, but she definitely believes it is the best country ever!

At Kick Point, Firdous is responsible for everything administrative. The team always had a feeling that things could be more organized, and now they are! Plus, the bookkeeper and accountant probably like us a bit better now that she is here.

She’s obsessed with crime investigation podcasts/shows, which all started with her watching Homicide Hunter by John Kenda. She loves hip-hop and R&B music, from the 80s and 90s to be more specific. Firdous is a fan of bubble tea, and wants to know if you are actually a fan if you don’t like the black pearls? Firdous loves pasta and all types of seafood too.

When she’s not keeping Kick Point on track, she’s at some sneaker store or she is at home chilling, cooking, and binge watching TV shows. Firdous is also now being kept very busy by her 13 month old son, Cairo.