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Partner, VP Special Projects

Jen Salamandick

Illustration of Penny (the dog), a cooking mitt, a wine bottle, an Americano coffee cup, and a mobile device.

Jen graduated with a business degree and then spent some time waking up at 4:30am to pull shots and froth milk while trying to find a super cool #AgencyLife job. She didn’t find one, but she did meet Dana, who found Jen’s (much exaggerated) “Expert SEO skills” line on her resume very endearing.

When Kick Point first started, Jen had a misguided idea in her head about what working in a marketing agency should be like. Ping pong! Beer! Late nights! RFPs! Fancy award shows! Late nights fueled by beer with ping pong breaks to answer RFPs that lead to work that gets you awards at fancy award shows!

As Kick Point grew, the concept of what life at an agency was “supposed to be” quickly lost its appeal. Jen realized that there is much more to life than work: if people have the time they need to invest in what’s important to them, to rest, and to be healthy, not only is the work better, everyone is happier doing it.

Everyone’s “best” looks different every day — Jen listens to the people on our team to figure out what they need to be the versions of “best” that matter most to them. Her goal is to always help people grow in their roles at Kick Point, and in their marketing careers in general.