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Director of Operations

Laura Salter

An illustrated basketball, keyboard, music notes, a Harry Potter sorting hat, a podcast icon, a pan with eggs, and a puppy.

Laura finds some things enjoyable that many people at Kick Point think are no fun at all, like moving around timelines and managing workloads. She spends lots of time thinking about finding efficiencies, improving processes and organizing project management systems, all with the goal in mind of creating more space for fun, creativity and balance at work.

Jen once asked Laura if she was passionate about marketing. She thought for a second and then said no. Truthfully, Laura is most passionate about helping her teammates have the time, space, and support to do meaningful work without sacrificing their personal lives or mental/physical health.

She also cares deeply about client relationships feeling like equal partnerships. She does her best to champion clear, realistic and fair expectations so both teams are set up for success.

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