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Project Manager

Matt Remley

Illustration of Matt's favourite things include Popcorn, Disneyland, Iced Coffee, and all things Apple!

Known for exclaiming “best friends!” almost too casually, Matt has been helping people and businesses navigate technology for over a decade.

Matt is a certified digital project lead and a graduate of The Disney Institute — which is a real thing he swears. He’ll also tell you that he can’t fix your Mac or iPhone but ask again — he can (and will cave).

His favourite thing about working at a digital agency is working with and learning from a wide range of clients and businesses. He believes that projects should always have a defined set of goals and outcomes and will do what it takes to keep projects on track and focused on achieving them.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys elevated pastimes such as “pretending to read in a cafe” and “dreaming of seeing the world but booking another trip to Disneyland instead.”