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Digital Strategist

Sammy Cisek

An illustrated dumbbell, a turtle, mushrooms, her dog Poppy, spaghetti, and a TV that says New Girl

Growing up, Sammy told her parents that she was going to work at McDonald’s on the moon. Until that job becomes available, she has found a great home at Kick Point.

Sammy comes to Kick Point with a diverse background in marketing, communications, and fundraising. As a Digital Strategist, Sammy creates Google Ads strategies, conducts keyword research, writes ad copy, and sets up and manages campaigns. Her favourite pastime is seeing how organized she can keep her notes.

Outside of work, you will often find Sammy snuggling with her dog, Poppy, or trying to figure out what her turtle, Fern, is thinking. If it’s sunny, you can bet she will be having a drink on a patio.