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Graphic Designer

Sarah Gardener

Illustration of the Adobe Illustrator icon, a People magazine cover, crown, M&M candies, and a trophy that reads World's Best Aunty

Sarah is Kick Point’s resident Royal Expert, which means she spends an unhealthy amount of time Googling Queen Elizabeth ll and can probably tell you what Wills and Kate Catherine are doing at this very moment.

Working with the Kick Point team gives her the opportunity to combine a marketing background with her design skills to ensure each design fits with our client’s larger brand strategy. When she’s not designing logos or websites, you can find her conducting design audits, dabbling in AdWords, or reminiscing about the time she was quoted in People Magazine.

Sarah is the keeper of the tape (a surprisingly hot commodity here) and works tirelessly to keep the office stocked full of M&Ms. She also manages our most important Slack channel, 911-celebrity-news.