Content Strategy

Fresh content, evergreen content, visual content, automated content, optimized content, sponsored content, content, content, content… People talk a mile a minute about content, but what are they really ever saying? More often than not, they seem to be saying that you need tons of high quality content with captivating images — but content just for content's sake is not the answer.

"Everything the light touches is content." — Mufasa DiTomaso

All that you produce is content. Your homepage is content. Your blog is content. Your explainer video is content. Your Facebook cover photo, your twitter bio — all of your tweets, your billboards, your radio or tv ad, your bus bench, your business cards… the list goes on. It’s a long list, and that list needs a strategy.

We build content strategies based on our belief that in order to solve your actual business goals, content cannot be developed on a whim. It must be thoroughly researched to determine what the content needs to be about, which medium is most appropriate, and who the content piece is actually for. You also need a plan (and a budget) to promote your content, otherwise how do you expect anyone to see what you produce? Finally, all content endeavours must be evaluated in detail to determine the impact they had on your business.

If you only think about the technical aspects of content, you’ll spend years sorting cards that have no words on them. And if you only think of the creative, the “right people” won’t see what you have made. Content without strategy is a damaging waste of time. Content is king, sure — but without a strategy your kingdom will be in chaos. Let’s talk about how a content strategy can help you achieve your business goals.