Digital Marketing Strategy

When you have a real digital marketing strategy you can ask yourself — is X right for our business at this time?

Where X could be:

  • Snapchat
  • hiring a full-time social media employee
  • shooting a promo video
  • sponsoring content
  • giving out swag at a music festival
  • developing a new website
  • or any other opportunity that comes up.

Removing the guesswork from your marketing makes you forward thinking, instead of reactive — you’ll go from keeping up with your industry to being a powerful leader among your competitors.

Research is the key that separates a template-based digital marketing strategy that you can get for the low, low price of $500 (or whatever), from what will actually provide value to your business. We build data driven strategies because data tells the real story about what your business needs, and your strategy must specifically address those needs. A fact-based strategy will make an impact on your business goals.

When we take our thorough research and develop each component of your digital marketing strategy with your goals in mind, you get a cohesive and holistic document that will be a powerful tool for your business.

If your internal team has the capacity to implement your strategy, we will provide coaching to you get started. If you do not currently have a person or team in place to execute the digital strategy, we can:

  • help you find the right person or people to allow you to manage this work in-house;
  • train your current team to get them up to speed to be able to handle implementation; or
  • implement the strategy on your behalf — please note, we will still need to have an active partnership with someone in your organization.

Remember: a digital marketing strategy is not a jargon-filled, dust-covered binder that gets put on the shelf because it is too bothersome for your team to use. A digital marketing strategy is something you and your organization can digest, execute, and champion — it’s a tool that empowers you to reach your goals.

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