Local SEO

It’s important (and will only become more important) to show up on a search engine results page when someone near you is searching for the goods and services that you provide. There are factors that affect the way you show up on location-focused search results that must be taken care of flawlessly, in order to have a positive impact on your business.

88% of smartphone users are searching on their phones with local intent. This means 88% of people with smartphones are performing searches looking for product info, hours, and directions to places near them, or in areas they are going to. Are you one of the options they are seeing?

Is your site showing up on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Is your site easy to use on a cell phone and tablet? Your local business website must provide a great mobile experience, because many potential customers and clients will be searching for you “on-the-go” and they aren’t willing to wait for a slow site that barely works on their phone.

Don’t take a nap, put your NAP in HTML (and not an image)! NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number and in order to be crawled by Google, this information needs to be present (and 100% correct) on your site. Failing to do this correctly will result in your business not showing up on the map or in the map pack. And then how the heck will anyone find you?

Put your NAP in HTML to ensure your customers can find you.

Our approach to Local SEO is to consider who your clients are and how they search for the goods and services you provide. Then we make sure your site is:

  • Ready to provide an excellent user experience with easy-to-navigate, relevant content that answers questions and provides value.
  • Fast, and technically perfect in order to play well with the fussy search engine robots.