Website redesign projects often get structured heavily around the creative, but this approach can unfortunately lead to technical concerns being neglected . Whether you are rebranding or upgrading your website, you need to devote time and budget to properly handling the change, or any optimization work that you've already done can be lost.

When you redesign your website, either internally or with the help of a development partner there are technical pieces that must be considered. Rarely does a week go by where we don’t get an email that goes something like this: “We got a new website a month ago and then lost all of our traffic, HELP!”

An actual panicked e-mail we received:

If you don’t want to send an email like that, let’s talk before you launch your new website. And if you’ve already experienced that traffic loss, well, we aren’t going to lie to you — you’re in for an uphill battle, but we’ll develop a strategy to get you back in the game.

Additionally, we do rebranding and web design as well, and always account for the technical functionality that is required to turn these projects into successes.

A flawless site migration involves a lot of planning. Will the addresses of each page change? Are pages being added or removed? Have you ensured that high performing pages still have their marketing polish? We consider all these factors and more, leaving you with the comfort that your site is in good hands.