There’s more to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than juggling the algorithms Google throws at you. Your SEO efforts must ultimately be for the real human people searching for your products and services. After all, they’re the ones reading what you are writing and buying what you’re selling.

Google is like a rubik’s cube, but not just a regular rubik’s cube. The Google rubik’s cube has pieces that change colour every time someone sneezes in Mountain View, California. You need a solid SEO foundation and strategic plan to manage this evolving landscape to be an effective player online.

  • You must be visible and indexed by search engines
  • You must provide authentic value with unique content to searchers
  • Your pages must load quickly and be responsive
  • You must use the words that people are googling to explain what you do

We’ve all seen an email like this:

Guaranteeing rankings is a slippery slope, and reports that come with lists of keyword rankings are “very 2007” because Google hardly provides any relevant keyword details anymore. What Kick Point guarantees as a result of our SEO strategy work is an increase in relevant traffic, faster page load times, and significant improvements to page structure.

We typically begin Search Engine Optimization relationships with a website audit; this allows us to accurately quote on your SEO project. Your online situation is unique, and the organic search strategy we develop for you will be too.