12 Days of Startup Advice: Day Seven — Celebrate Everything (With Prosecco)
The best beverage ever.

You may or may not know, I have a huge vase full of prosecco corks on my desk. Why? Bleeding sentimentalist. Avid crafter. Alcohol enthusiast.

Ready to celebrate

Nailed it.

Well except for the crafting bit, I’m not planning any alcohol fueled Pinterest craft nights with my corks. But somehow I suspect my sentimentality and love of alcohol probably do play a hand. I’ve been saving the corks for every bottle of bubbly (and the odd bottle of red) because our first year was hard. Silly hard. Like, I hope and pray that we don’t have to do it again hard. A lot of times the only thing that got us through those moments was looking at each other and being like, “Hey! It’s Wednesday and we’re still alive. Can we buy a bottle of prosecco?” We said it so much last year that it’s now a bit of a joke. Someone gestures at a bottle and shrugs their shoulders, “Because it’s Thursday?”

But the reality is, being an entrepreneur is fucking hard work. And sometimes (a lot of times) it feels like the list of things you’ve failed at or could have done better stacks up a lot faster than all the amazing things you’ll do/remember you’ve done. Early on we decided that we were going to celebrate the hell out of our business.

  • Write the biggest proposal in the history of ever? Drink.
  • Finished a big task for a difficult customer? Drink.
  • Remembered to pay their utility bill? Drink.
  • Hired a new person? Drink.
  • Cut a customer’s advertising spend by 300% and drove better results? Drink. Drank. Drunk.
  • Someone gave a successful presentation? Drink.
  • Jen’s back from her 11th trip of the year? Drink.

There were definitely bottles shared for birthdays, anniversaries and other more traditional important dates — but I’d say that the bulk of the corks in the vase are from the random moments throughout last year that we wanted (sometimes, needed) a celebration.

Every time we open a bottle, I’ll write the occasion on the cork — so long after the celebration is over we remember why the hell we cracked the bottle in the first place. Disclaimer: if it’s the fourth bottle of the day, sometimes it might not make much sense. But these ones are the best ones to read months later.


Bottles of prosecco might not be your thing, but I’d encourage you to have some reminders of the cool things, big and small, that your company is doing. Because when you’re a huge success, it’ll be fun to look back and see just how far you’ve come.

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