Working Here

We believe in sustainability. Working twelve hour days, late nights, and weekends is not sustainable. Cutting corners and trying to do too much with not enough budget is not sustainable. Living life with just two weeks of vacation is not sustainable.

Keeping up with industry changes without the proper resources (and the time to use them) is not sustainable. Hiring people to fit into a rigid, printed PDF culture document is also, you guessed it, not sustainable. 

We have made our hiring decisions based mainly on two things:

  1. Strong writing and communication skills
  2. The ability to bring something to the table that helps Kick Point evolve and prosper

We are not hiring.** For one thing, we’re out of desks. More importantly though, we’re very happy to be the size we are right now. We are eight people, and our current size allows us to continue to enjoy our bright, open (small) loft while working on exciting projects that bring us joy. Staying small allows us to focus on work that our team is interested in, instead of having to take whatever comes our way.

Will we be hiring again? Well, when we discussed updating our Work Here page in a meeting, someone (obviously Tammy) made a super tasteful joke about a bus accident taking one of us down…

All jokes aside, we doubt we’ll be hiring again soon. We are committed to the team in its current size and makeup.

Back to sustainability though, because it’s a big part of making sure we are all happy and healthy and enjoying our roles at Kick Point. We achieve sustainability by focusing on continuous learning (and allocating time for education), keeping a flat hierarchy and open communication system, and by concentrating on work/life balance.

We encourage each other to make the most out of each day because we all want to be proud of the work we do. We push each other hard to put ourselves first. Our lives at home are very important, and we want to enjoy the world at large. Time away from work keeps our brains fresh and helps us be at our creative best!

Here are a few things we like about being a part of Kick Point:

  • Flexible work schedule (some of us work four days a week, one of us starts at 7:30am and most of us certainly do not)
  • Comprehensive benefits package (and $1,000 annual HSA)
  • $500/year towards a class/seminar (after one year)
  • Opportunity to attend conferences (after one year)
  • Mandatory minimum three weeks of vacation time per year 
  • $750 towards a vacation or staycation (we MUST be completely offline for a minimum of four consecutive days to qualify)
  • Freedom to choose the direction we want to grow (and the support to help that growth happen)
  • Veto Power (we are all involved in the lead evaluation process and if one of us says no, we all say no)

**: Well, maybe we are hiring. If you have at least 2-3 years of experience as a digital strategist working at an agency or in an in-house position, and you know what a brand voice is, we may be ready to create a position for you. Send an email to [email protected] — you don’t need to send a resume, just introduce yourself to start please!