Coming Up With Blog Ideas
A couple of helpful tips.

One of the major struggles that every one who has a blog faces is "what the heck am I going to write about?" In fact, I ask myself that question every single workday. In that vein, here's a handy guide to generating blog ideas that people will actually find interesting.

And before we start, please assure yourself that you are actually an expert in what you do and people do indeed want to read what you have to write. Honest. I promise. No one would give you money if you were truly a hack and your ideas were terrible.

Here we go:

1. Next time you speak with a client or lead, ask them what questions they have about what you do. Answer that question.

2. Check your Google Analytics and see what keywords only brought one visitor to your site last month. There’s likely some question-style keywords in there. Answer those.

3. Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (free!) and type in some of your services, then see what results come back. Are any of those questions or could be questions? Answer them.

4. Ask people on your blog what they would like to learn more about. Also ask on Twitter, Facebook, etc (but not at the same time).

5. Every time you come up with an idea for a blog post, write it down. I use Workflowy for this.

That should be lots to get you started but if you still need help, leave a comment and I promise to come up with at least one idea for you.

  • Elaine Saunders-Boothman

    And when all of the above fails, post cute pics of your cats.

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