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Search & Tonic for July 20, 2012

Jen Salamandick
The Industry

by Jen Salamandick

Welcome to Search & Tonic, where we like our links the same way we like our drinks: strong. Each Friday we will present links from the past week that wowed us, offered a unique opinion, or taught us something brand new.

UnitB climbed up the stairs (which are mysteriously lined with old Metro newspapers) to watch the Capital Ex Parade yesterday morning.  Wait wait, is it even still called that? Whatever it’s called, it sure was long. I’m surprised no one came out of it with a sunburn and/or leg cramp. Earlier this summer I attended a parade in the community of Lake Wabamun. It was an accident, but a happy kind of accident. We didn’t know where the beach was and almost drove right into the parade! Small town parades are better because the people sitting on the floats throw candy and toys at you. Why doesn’t this happen in the city? Also what did all those kids with the shovels and wheelbarrows do to get roped into cleaning up after the horses?

Covered this week: A vote in the no column on guest blogging; an epic comparison of Open Site Explorer & Majestic SEO; a ten-step list for getting a business ready for SEO; and a three-point list about what bloggers can learn from the success of Fifty Shades of Grey.

AJ Kohn’s Take on Guest Blogging

For AJ Kohn the underlying issue is making sure you know the answer to the following question:

Who’s brand are you building?

“Perhaps I’m just selfish but if I’m going to spend the considerable amount of time and effort to create a blog post I want to make sure it’s building my brand. All too often guest posts don’t do that but instead simply build the brand of that blog instead.”

Is it selfish to want to know that your sweat and tears are going towards the development of your brand? No! It’s smart as hell. If he was a selfish cuss he would have kept this idea of guest blogging not always being the best thing in the world to himself.

The article goes further into a valuable discussion about how a person’s expectation of an immediate (and large) traffic spike is likely to be unreasonable. I think we’ve all read stories about overnight success in blogging and our eyes get wide and maybe we try to find a way to emulate that success, but that’s not going to happen for everyone. It takes time to establish your blog and guest posting isn’t going to cut days/moths/years off of the uphill battle!

Open Site Explorer vs Majestic SEO

If someone had told me a year ago that I would enjoy an article comparing the merits of two backlink data websites I would have told him or her to stop with the crazy nerd talk and get off of my balcony because he or she was blocking out my sun. I really appreciated the image used to sum up “Pistols at Dawn With Rand”.

The “Shootout” offered comparisons of the following:

  • Freshness of Data
  • Predictability of Updates
  • API Performance
  • Percent of links reported by Google Webmaster Tools that Majestic/Moz know about from a variety of sites
  • Percent of links reported by Moz & Majestic that still exist
  • Correlation of key metrics (e.g. PA/DA and ACRank) with SERPs

10 Steps to Getting Your Business Ready for SEO

I was terrified I wouldn’t have a numbered list for this week’s S & T, but Dana really pulled through for me today. Number eight on this list is, “Be Ready To Blog Your Heart Out.” I was at a meeting with Dana last week and the blogging thing came up and the tension in the room was palpable. Then Dana pointed out that in order to post once a week if you have 12 people blogging, each person only has to turn in a blog post once every three months. 90 days to write a blog post!

Maybe it’s a good thing that companies hear the word “blog” and think “danger danger too much work too much work omg wtf” because that means that they acknowledge how much work goes into blogging. They understand that it isn’t easy and that it takes time. The job then becomes finding a way to explain that the time commitment is manageable and worth the effort.

What You Can Learn About Blogging From Fifty Shades of Grey

Money After Graduation is a personal finance blog that I read religiously because I like when Bridget sets a goal to make hundreds of dollars in extra income in a month and I go, “yea right bro,” but then she actually does it and I go, “yeaaa bro!” Also I’m way smarter/richer because of her blog.

The post (which she clarifies is not a joke post) presents three take-aways from the success of Fifty Shades of Grey that can be transferred to your current blog, and/or help you find something to offer that no else is currently offering via a new blog.

Sidenote: I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey, but I have read Fifty Sheds of Grey and so should you.

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