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Search & Tonic for July 27, 2012

Jen Salamandick
The Industry

by Jen Salamandick

Welcome to Search & Tonic, where we like our links the same way we like our drinks: strong. Each Friday we will present links from the past week that wowed us, offered a unique opinion, or taught us something brand new.

Dana abandoned Trent and I early last Saturday morning because she and Ashley are now en route to their marriage in Victoria! Exciting! I’m looking forward to having someone else to have my “oh my God, how many times have you misplaced your wedding band today?” conversation with.

In her absence I have tripped over the mess of cords by my desk (and probably permanently damaged my elbow), accidentally taken a sip from a four-day old cup of coffee, and gotten mad at Google thrice. So far, so good I’d say.

Covered this week: Landing Page Anatomy; Content Marketing and Finding a Consistent Voice; A List of Tools Being Talked About at MozCon 2012; and An Fundraising Success.

Anatomy of an Optimal Landing Page

Nifty Marketing to the rescue! This article shows the pieces of landing page information that are most important and shows where on a landing page those bits of information should go to be most beneficial.


I took a statistics course that wanted to discredit infographics based on the fact that they were “generally misleading.” With that in mind, I’d like to discredit all statistics courses that mislead students into thinking that Chi-Square Testing and Test of Significance will solve all any of life’s problems.

How To Weave Content Marketing Into Your Company’s DNA

This article suggest three steps to creating a consistent message:

  1. Find your voice.
  2. Create a style guide.
  3. Reuse visual assets.

I think that finding a voice is important, but if a company is going to make a serious go of blogging consistently, I hope to hell that there is at least a handful of people sharing the load. I don’t think it’s necessary for each blog post to sound the same by any means, in fact I think that would be detrimental. A lot of the time the goal should be to humanize whatever message your company is trying to get across, so it seems natural to have different personalities attempting to make that connection. If you speak consistently in one voice you are consistently speaking to only one audience.

The article acknowledges that “different pieces of content can have different voices,” and mentions that you need to consider a variety of audiences as well. In the end, the big thing about finding a voice is putting forward a consistent and professional image in all of the content you create. You and your words are your brand, after all. Remember that ‘professional and consistent’ don’t mean a monotonous voice, or copy wiped clean of humor, sarcasm, or personality.

I think a style guide is very important tool in ensuring a consistent message though, and not just because I married someone who says crazy things like, “that is Pantone 485 and it should be Pantone 185 – GOD KAREN YOU’RE SO STUPID!”

Tools Mentioned at MozCon

Dana is at MozCon right now and yesterday she was already anticipating a brain explosion from all of the information at some point before the week is up. Hope she’s hanging in okay over there! This is a handy list of Content, SEO, and Social Media tools that have been discussed so far.

Autostraddle Meets $40,000 Goal in Less Than 24 Hours

I used to intern/work for Autostraddle and watching the site exceed its goal of $40,000 in just 21 hours to build their new, faster and higher functioning website was incredible. Seeing the dollar amount race toward $40K was great, but the comments on the donation site and the article were even better. It brings a sense of community and belonging to so many and seeing the value it offers readers recognized so strongly (and so quickly) is amazing. Also if the campaign, which runs for another 44 days, reaches $100K, designer Alex Vega has volunteered her ass for a commemorative tattoo.

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