There’s something thrilling about being in a room with hundreds of people who do what you do, or at least get what you do — and when do any of us get to hang out with such a massive crowd of our peers these days?

The benefits of attending a conference are tangible: notebook full of actionable ideas/tactics, cool swag, etc. But the intangible benefits of being an attendee will also have a profound impact on you as a digital marketer. You’ll be inspired by speakers and fellow attendees alike — there will be people who are where you were a year ago, and people who you want to be in a year or five as well.

A conference can be the push that you didn’t know know you were looking for. A conference can lead to the handshake that’s the difference between packing up shop and signing an IPO. 

We’ve had the privilege of attending many different conferences and wanted to share some notes and pros/cons based on our experiences. If you have any questions, or need help convincing your boss to send you to any of these events, we’d love to hear from you.