Kick Point is a digital marketing agency located in the thriving metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada’s Manhattan!). Some of us grew up here or near here, some of us crossed the country to be here, and some of us took very long airplane rides from other continents to get here.

Our office is located between the #EducationDistrict and the #IceDistrict, which should tell you two things:

  1. Edmonton really loves hashtags
  2. Parking is really $$$

If you’re coming to visit us, we recommend stopping by this website first.

We document our living history here — because transparency matters and we’re proud of where we are now. There’s this quiet expectation in the marketing industry that we should frame all of our endeavours as shining successes, but let’s be real: life isn’t always shiny. There are highs and lows and it’s been important for us to learn from both.

We don’t offer packages or templates because we develop customized solutions for our clients. Our project structure changes in line with your needs, but there are a few process points that we will always hold ourselves and our clients to. Review what it’s like to work with us here.

Please also learn a bit about our team and what it’s like to work at Kick Point — then get in touch to tell us about your project.

Three Fast Facts With Kick Point

We’re a women-owned business.
We have four three two one plants.
We’re 22% left-handed.